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  1. Lock Screen Controls?
  2. Brazilian Portuguese option in subtitles
  3. BSPLAYER Disapears suddently?
  4. Is anyone else having issues with the floating player randomly closing with no error
  5. Correct BSPlayer for Samsung Note 3?
  6. BSplayer free no longers shows controls on lock screen in Marshmallow
  7. HTC ONE M8 Best Settings
  8. Browse internal storage and SD card error
  9. I produced the computer
  10. M3U playlists are not working right anymore
  11. Viewing UDP Stream
  12. Error when I try to chromecast
  13. Can't play copyrighted youtube videos.
  14. BS player can`t access directories anymore
  15. BS player for when playing a video
  16. Slow Motion 50%
  17. Xvid playing too fast
  18. How to avoid BSPlayer for Youtube
  19. Does the paid version allow subtitles to be displayed in the pop up window?
  20. This item isn't available in your country - Samsung Galaxy S3
  21. Bs player and Google Drive
  22. How to get BSPlayer without CH play?
  23. bs play video file only once
  24. Troubles with Android N?
  25. How to force Android to use BSplayer for MP3?
  26. Subtitles from LAN missing!
  27. I can't Download Subtitles from two sites
  28. Long mp3 files playing bugs
  29. Incoming call during playing
  30. online subtitle search for streamed content does not work
  31. Difficulties with floating window
  32. Youtube streaming goes silent after screen sleep
  33. watch a video with 2 subtitles at the same time
  34. Select Video Streams
  35. Allready seen movies
  36. Enhance remote control on android tv
  37. Some Vids from my NAS do not start properly (stumbling, loosing frames)
  38. Unable to add MP4 files to queue
  39. LAN Servers list sorting is jumping
  40. Display from Playback on the main window
  41. Bug v.1.27 build 188
  42. Need help
  43. libffmpeg7_v18 error loading codec
  44. Bs player to android tv?
  45. BS Player new version crashes.
  46. Chromecast for mp3 Files
  47. Playlist order messed up. Maybe bug?
  48. change play back speed with left/right button
  49. subtitles
  50. Cant get playlist to shuffle mp4.videos in small window
  51. register bsplayer as "vndapp = youtube_mobile" ?
  52. Blank Green or Gray Screens with .mp4
  53. Re size icon on button right
  54. BSPLAYER will not add videos from my external SD card
  55. Studdering when streaming youtube
  56. BSplayer does not resume playing from last place
  57. Loss of playback speed in background
  58. BS Player Android - Background Play 2x
  59. Folder Thumbnails
  60. doesn't pause on bluetooth
  61. Need help getting subtitles to work in windowed mode
  62. Subtitles download problem with mobile internet connection
  63. How can I change the subtitle font?
  64. App keeps closing when streaming audio
  65. Feature Update Suggestion
  66. Does BSPlayer accept any Android intents?
  67. [Solved] Maddening problem with connecting to Yosemite imac
  68. Controls pop up on next playlist item
  69. Turn of transparency in menu when playing
  70. Can't enable "Base Transparent" skin in 1.24.182 update
  71. Video playlist skips ahead for no reason
  72. .m3u format files
  73. Position (location on screen) of subtitle
  74. No HW mode on Mediatek MT8125 PowerVR SGX 544MP
  75. [Feature request] Add subtitles by intent
  76. Need Bs Player For 5.1 Lollipop
  77. no HW mode on MTK6752 phone
  78. show all file types in library
  79. [Feature request] Manually search subtitle "Title" online
  80. Deleted videos remain in list.
  81. Default Player in Popcorn Android
  82. Can't delete playlists / library items???
  83. Support for Realtek 1195 chipset?
  84. BUG Shuffle while in background
  85. Problems with autodetected audio language of video
  86. Valid file formats
  87. pre-purchase interface question...
  88. Smb play fails after Lollipop (5.0) upgrade on Samsung S5
  89. HTC One M8 Android 5.0.1 No Video
  90. share via Wifi Direct etc
  91. BS Player Keeps Crashing when streaming
  92. Screen Dimming
  93. Audio stream switch on gesture? or button?
  94. Intent to play smb video links
  95. Grid view Display Mode is empty
  96. Android x86 4.4.x no video.
  97. "0ms" popping up during video
  98. BSplayer on Kobo Arc
  99. Audio streams in separate mp3 files - how?
  100. Mkv files works fine but chrash when cast
  101. Playing WTV files (MPEG2 HDTV streams) in Nexus7?
  102. Bsplayer on LG Optimus
  103. Playlist
  104. HEVC/H.265 software decoding broken since v1.20
  105. Cardboard VR
  106. Downloading old BSPlayer release
  107. Audio Pre Amp Not Working
  108. latest update - subtitle error
  109. No saved list position in LAN
  110. sorting files by real name, not movie title
  111. subtitle are not saved for future use,and the location is unknown..but why......?
  112. Automatic Full Screen ?
  113. BsPlayer (android) more remote control friendly
  114. Youtube VP9 streaming
  115. LAN MAC help
  116. subtitles searching in android
  117. ARMv7 VFP support library detection not working
  118. problem with bsplayer and samsung galaxy note 2014
  119. directly open links from browser
  120. No lan mode available or selectable
  121. cannot able to Select by default Audio Stream
  122. How to select subtitle file stored locally?
  123. Movies stutter
  124. [Feature Request] Use phone's media volume on open instead of BSPlayer's last volume
  125. BS.player + ChromeCast + NAS
  126. High Efficiency Video Coding is not working properly
  127. How to turn off random playback for music?
  128. fast forward
  129. sound and pictures is not syncing properly
  130. Chromecast streaming WMA audio
  131. NAS Player
  132. subtitle is changed to english after reopening from background
  133. Subtitle position
  134. Finding a BS Player playlist file
  135. Remote Control For BS Player Android
  136. Feature Request - Watch Youtube Playlist
  137. video doesn't work
  138. ARMv7 VFP support library
  139. *.chf Chapter support, PLEASE (Feature Request from 2013 Renewed )
  140. BS Player Pro - Choppy video
  141. BSPlayer has crashed
  142. Bug report / WiFi / BSPlayer 1.15.168 / Android 4.4.2
  143. Can't get BS Player to play WiFi streamed content from NAS
  144. Network Streaming isn't working
  145. Playing my licensed digital download from universal and other major producers
  146. FLV videos could not seek and remember playback position
  147. Streaming and Timeline Problem
  148. Skip Fwd & Back?
  149. Online subtitle download med500x2
  150. Launch BSPlayer from App
  151. Audio from other files interrupting main audio
  152. Wrong audio stream selected after pause/resume
  153. HW decoding for asus MEMO PAD HD7 (me173x)
  154. Track media usage
  155. [Q] Double (multiple) subtitle support
  156. Thumbnails for folders?
  157. Play more than one song in background?
  158. Pro questions! Bugs in new version!
  159. Zoom into specific area of screen (not centre)
  160. Est. End time display and ffwd rwd
  161. BSPlayer Pro
  162. Problem with new Samsung Galaxy S5
  163. Support to find Online Subtitles for streamed contents
  164. Where are PREFERENCES ???
  165. How to create playlists on Android
  166. Not all LAN video files are showing up in shared folders
  167. Device pause not recognized when minimized
  168. adding files to playlist in correct order
  169. Can I transfer Windows audio playlists?
  170. HW support for Prestigio Multipad
  171. Lan issue username/password not accepted
  172. [Feature request] Playback speed < 50%
  173. [feature request]find subs for streams with unclear names(happen often)
  174. Lets turn off hardware button !!!
  175. sub from a file srt
  176. music sound higher than dialog in movies
  177. Problem with embedded subtitles on MKV files
  178. LAN issue in only one of my Android devices
  179. No subtitles found or error checking
  180. feature request upnp subtitles
  181. BS Player fails on seeking on Android 4.4.2 (CM11)
  182. Qfile from Qnap not recognizing BSplayer as video player - Android
  183. Gestures on HP SlateBook x2
  184. BSPlayer fails with specific characters in filenames
  185. Bug with sound in background
  186. how to zoom to fullscreen without pinching ?
  187. Sleep Timer got on my nerve, how can i deactivate it ?
  188. Play Playlists Seamlessly w/o Text Between Clips??
  189. fix for Punctuation marks in Hebrew subs
  190. bug and feature for playlist
  191. Newbie: Easiest Way to Create and Save Playlists
  192. BS crashing with CIFS
  193. I need BSPlayer v1.11.163
  194. Customize Buffering Size
  195. where did the settings menu go?
  196. Where and how to install codec?
  197. Stopped working on Samsung Galaxy S3
  198. BScontrol
  199. Audio degraded on Kitkat 4.4.2 in Nexus 7 2 (2013)
  200. How to set audio stream as default in .mkv video files?
  201. Problems playing MP3, some files are not played
  202. [request] persistent osd info
  203. Bug and feature request for playback speed control
  204. Change subtitle position option
  205. Old version downloads
  206. Subtitle problems (Searching online & loading them in)
  207. Intent for smb links
  208. Need feature to wipe library
  209. Feature request: Volume Normalizer
  210. Troubles with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500
  211. Splitted files do not work anymore
  212. Samsung Galaxy Note S3 - Anroid 4.3 - Hardware decoding not working
  213. Playing youtube files twice in landscape mode
  214. We want ac3 back
  215. HTC One Android 4.3 hardware decoding does not work
  216. Great Works can you add equalizer to BSplayer
  217. Nexus 5 video decoding
  218. libffmpeg.so from new sources
  219. ACS/DTS doesn't work
  220. No LAN subfolder for startup
  221. Location of subtitle
  222. LAN Play not functioning since yesterdays update
  223. AC3/DTS Update - We Stopped Updating
  224. Autostart & Autoplay option
  225. Blankscreen on .ts files since Android 4.3
  226. Search Subfolders and LAN Media Folder
  227. What is the 100% displayed on the left?
  228. LAN / Network random stop issue
  229. HW on MT6589
  230. Pop up for audio (mp3s)
  231. Little problems with BsPlayer & Minix Neo X7
  232. Problem in building custom FFmpeg
  233. When will the sound (Dolby licensing) problem be fixed?!
  234. No sounce when playing VOB files
  235. Access LAN share on Domain network
  236. Is there an equalizer?
  237. Bs Player + Cyanogenmod
  238. no sound in "system decoding" mode for H.264
  239. h264 Hi10 Anime with artifacts
  240. BS Player as default
  241. BSPlayer (android) subtitles location
  242. Dolby dispute status
  243. How to setup BS Player LAN MODE
  244. flac files not showing under Library->Music
  245. Skins customizations on paid version for Android?
  246. Live TV stream not working?
  247. Help: Displaying the playback window?
  248. Feature Request: HW acceleration for Atom x86 Z2500
  249. No audio on certain files
  250. embeded xSub and external idx/sub support