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  1. Feature Suggestion (Playlist)
  2. M3u8 support issues
  3. Problems after Update BSPlayer v1.4 Build 131
  4. VP6F codec supported? (FLV)
  5. Pro vs. Lite? Differences?
  6. Questions about LAN playback
  7. Hidden Samba Shares
  8. Popup player?
  9. BS Player for Andriod no longer works with Play ON?
  10. High Performance WIFI mode?
  11. LAN MODE: Network buffering feature for bsplayer-android
  12. LAN connection error.
  13. I am plugging you guys like crazy!
  14. HW accelerated .wmv files?
  15. BS Player on Galaxy Tab 2
  16. Hdmi output and subtitles
  17. http stream on Android buffers, fails
  18. Transformer Infinity TF700 - Not playing from MicroSD
  19. BS Shows "Random" starting offset
  20. Audio Pre-amp setting?
  21. H.264 10bit Support?
  22. What resultcodes does bs player generate
  23. Lan mode can see all my PC content
  24. known file extensions problem
  25. no audio and/ or pixelation when pass forward
  26. Hardware Decode For Network .VOB Files?
  27. Bs Player Pro Wont open
  28. Subs dont work
  29. Keyboard/Remote shortcuts?
  30. Status bar not hidden
  31. Does lan mode support ASS or SSA subtitiles format?
  32. Some feature recommendations
  33. Video Landscape on Nexus 7
  34. Why I can only install one of the BSPlayer or the decoder??
  35. VOB File association not sticky
  36. FeatReq: Button for rotating display, clear playlist
  37. Can't connect to Lan!
  38. Support for SWF files
  39. Solved all my problems! (Galaxy Tab 2 7)
  40. Failed to connect
  41. Sync audio and video option [Request]
  42. BSPlayer for Android
  43. Galaxy Tab locks up during playback
  44. No sound
  45. LAN mode problems
  46. Bitstream?
  47. "No subtitles found or error searching"
  48. Subtitles shown on tablet but not on my TV
  49. BSPlayer stops playback before movie ends if...
  50. Launch BsPlayer by Intent
  51. Sony Ericsson xperia ARC S .srt issue
  52. Request .mts support
  53. My wishlist for BSPlayer for Android
  54. Playback position & Background playing
  55. Playback stream IFO DVD
  56. Streamed video freezes every 5-6 minutes
  57. Russian translation
  58. LAN discovery mode
  59. Nearly the Best!!
  60. hw acceleration problems
  61. Is the BSPlayer open source? (or API in Android)
  62. How do I get it to turn off the screen to save batteries?
  63. HW Mode on Toucan W
  64. Can you browse music ?
  65. Stuck on opening
  66. Subtitles in different language
  67. Slow playback from internal memory and LAN
  68. Asus TFP - H264 = OK, VC1 = Bad
  69. Right to left subtitles support
  70. HW mode doesn't work
  71. BSPlayer Ads used to spread trojans!!!
  72. Improvements?
  73. Lock Screen Feature
  74. Disable Saving video position
  75. Hardware Support for Tegra 3
  76. slow motion video
  77. Bsplayer for MIPS?
  78. Auto landscape mode?
  79. change aspect ratio ?
  80. Vorbis Audio issue playback on Android BSplayer
  81. Hidden Status bar
  82. avi and .sub .idx file
  83. How can I get BSPlayer to stream from Synology?
  84. MKVs: issues with artifacts
  85. Maybe a fix for HighProfile (HP) movies on Tegra devices?
  86. HW accelerated playback for streamed files
  87. Subtitles in LAN mode
  88. Amason Kindle Fire
  89. Subtitles for streamed videos.
  90. Non-standard H.264 files/Unable to play
  91. Laggy Video after update 1.2.124
  92. Request for support for 3.1 Google Tv
  93. Couple of issues..
  94. seeking not and does not hold a pause in the HV mode
  95. Google TV Version
  96. hdmi output
  97. BSPlayer NAS Problems with Nook Tablet
  98. Error opening file
  99. Dropad with Bsplayer 1.1.122
  100. location of subs
  101. Default start folder, Sort file list, movie stops, when I switch apps
  102. Cannot initialize playback engine
  103. BSPlayer lite 1.0 for Android devices
  104. BSPlayer respond to rtsp:// url
  105. Background not entirely black
  106. Optimus One P500
  107. BS Player, integration into web browser
  108. Feedback and 3 issues
  109. Source code for BSPlayer for Android
  110. [Help] Connecting Lan mode
  111. DynDNS/internet support
  112. BSPlayer for Android devices
  113. BSplayer remote for Android phones