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  1. No LAN subfolder for startup
  2. Location of subtitle
  3. LAN Play not functioning since yesterdays update
  4. AC3/DTS Update - We Stopped Updating
  5. Autostart & Autoplay option
  6. Blankscreen on .ts files since Android 4.3
  7. Search Subfolders and LAN Media Folder
  8. What is the 100% displayed on the left?
  9. LAN / Network random stop issue
  10. HW on MT6589
  11. Pop up for audio (mp3s)
  12. Little problems with BsPlayer & Minix Neo X7
  13. Problem in building custom FFmpeg
  14. When will the sound (Dolby licensing) problem be fixed?!
  15. No sounce when playing VOB files
  16. Access LAN share on Domain network
  17. Is there an equalizer?
  18. Bs Player + Cyanogenmod
  19. no sound in "system decoding" mode for H.264
  20. h264 Hi10 Anime with artifacts
  21. BS Player as default
  22. BSPlayer (android) subtitles location
  23. Dolby dispute status
  24. How to setup BS Player LAN MODE
  25. flac files not showing under Library->Music
  26. Skins customizations on paid version for Android?
  27. Live TV stream not working?
  28. Help: Displaying the playback window?
  29. Feature Request: HW acceleration for Atom x86 Z2500
  30. No audio on certain files
  31. embeded xSub and external idx/sub support
  32. Versions and status, please (Dolby dispute)
  33. Android 4.3 and no HW mode [SOLVED]
  34. Crunchyroll Stream! How?
  35. Vertical mode, screen turns off
  36. Feture request
  37. Remotely accessing
  38. is there any better way to get service?
  39. Add file or moviecount to a folder?
  40. subtitle download always fails, where other apps still succeed
  41. audio just cuts out razr, samsung tab 2, asus tf300
  42. playback drops after a few songs
  43. hi,a quick introduction
  44. Playlist problems
  45. BSplayer wont play from external sdcard
  46. Playlist Problems (Android)
  47. error connecting to share
  48. Play music video playlists?
  49. Bsplayer crashes playing MTS files
  50. Can't play inbuilt subtitles
  51. Feature Request: Subtitles
  52. How to remove traktitle while listening Audio
  53. rtmp streams
  54. Manually Downloaded Subtitles?
  55. Integration with Android media importer?
  56. BSPlayer Full +XBMC +Android not working
  57. FTP Music Streaming
  58. audio cuts out problem
  59. Feature request: Syncing video playback across multiple devices
  60. App data requires considerable internal storage space
  61. Where do I add LAN authentication on latest version?
  62. Feature request: Please support HW acceleration for Allwinner A10 SoC / Mali 400 GPU!
  63. m4a support
  64. BSPlayer keeps crashing when use WHS2011
  65. M3U8 Playlist only played alphabetically
  66. Request - Lock Screen Progress Bar
  67. No subtitle found or error searching
  68. Unable to open LAN mode in BSplayer Free
  69. bsplayer wont find subtitles
  70. Error playing playlist over SMB
  71. H264 Hardware decoding issues on Rockchip RK3066
  72. Error Connecting to Share on LAN
  73. path for BSPlayer
  74. How do I force BS PLayer to always play files from beginning?
  75. Subtitles in popout mode?
  76. Bsplayer for my teclast p85
  77. Awful experience: HW mode sluggish and stuttering
  78. oncemenu
  79. BSPlayer Intent
  80. Position of subitles
  81. Kindle Fire HD 7 Choppy Video with HW Mode
  82. DISREGARD Streaming
  83. Banding in thumbnails
  84. Subtitles are late on every movie, every subtitle?
  85. No subtitles on TV with HW mod enabled
  86. Fullscreen on Note 2
  87. "Full Version" for Kindle Fire HD?
  88. [Reminder][Feature request] Chapter Feature (.chf) please
  89. frequent license checks
  90. Please Fix the ~5 day Copy Protection
  91. Files are displayed but do not play
  92. BS Player don't work with MTS file from Sony camcorder
  93. No HW Accel on Xoom Running Jellybean
  94. I cant access files with BSPlayer LAN Browser
  95. Nexus 10 hdmi
  96. Crashing after update
  97. RAR files doesn't work with LAN
  98. MKV subtitles
  99. Best Android Hardware for H264 720p and 1080p ?
  100. BSplayer hangs when trying to watch LiveTV stream.
  101. mkv 720p choppy/out of sync on android
  102. Styled ASS\SSA Subtitles
  103. Disable "last position" in audio files (NOT video)
  104. bsplayer armv6 vfp outdated
  105. Error connection to share (LAN)
  106. Play Video in SW mode very lag
  107. remember play speed and quick quit
  108. Album Artwork with BS Player - Android
  109. 2 wishes // dvd video over network
  110. JCIFS version incompatible with Samba 4
  111. Error connecting to share
  112. Video aspect ratio
  113. Showing 2 subtitles at the same time
  114. Can I play DVD with menus over WiFi?
  115. Sound Boost on Tablet
  116. Feature Request: File Cut & Paste or File Marking
  117. Thumbnails for videos
  118. Latest version of BS Player For Android?
  119. Video and audio going out of sync with Nexus 4
  120. Background cpu usage
  121. Capabalities to Render 1080p, 10bit, .mkv files on Sony Xperia Sola using BSPlayer?
  122. SD Card Issue...maybe?
  123. 480p problem
  124. BS.Player no longer works on my (first) budget tablet
  125. Subtitle sync adjustment
  126. HW accelerated WMV3 codec
  127. minimize pop-up?
  128. Periodic Static Sound Bursts
  129. Associating MP4 files with BSPlayer
  130. Opus Audio Codec Support
  131. bsplayer free android mkv
  132. Feature request: any plans for gapless playback?
  133. how to setup LAN mode?
  134. tolerance for backslash in m3u
  135. Wrong audio stream after tablet sleep
  136. Lan connection problem in windows 8
  137. BSplayer keeps device awake
  138. Watch videos from PC on nexus 7 tablet
  139. Installing bsplayer prevents mp3 attachments from playing in email apps
  140. LAN Mode Sort Does Not Work
  141. Newbie question
  142. Problem on connecting LAN Mode
  143. [Feature request] BSPlayer Android X86 support
  144. fullscreen prob on cnm tablet
  145. Library Scan Problem
  146. [Feature request] playback speed
  147. error code 0xc000009a android
  148. [Feature request] Synchronised videos across multiple devices
  149. Some usability problems
  150. Hebrew please!
  151. error opening any flv
  152. Lower than 800mb .mkv files using SW mode
  153. [Feature request] Cover Art in display
  154. BC Player free issue with 59 fps files
  155. [SOLVED] Bsplayer auto load Arabic subtitle
  156. Teletext subtitles not supported, even with Pro ?
  157. [Feature request] Rotation of videos taken in Portrait mode
  158. [Feature request] Bluetooth Audio Delay
  159. How to quit when playing in background
  160. [Feature request] (OSD) elapsed time / remaining time
  161. BS Player Free compatible, BS Player paid isn't!!?
  162. Nexus 7 - Screen Goes To Sleep
  163. Chrome + Bsplayer (Nexus 10 or S3)
  164. [Feature request] using movie cover arts
  165. [Feature request] Chapter Feature (.chf) please
  166. Date / Time at bottom of MTS video
  167. Can't install on Samsung Galaxy SL (gt-i9003)
  168. [BUG] Bottom lines of image are rendered incorrectly
  169. [FIXED] no background playing for specific mp3
  170. Fail to seek forward
  171. Nexus 10 issues
  172. [request] BS player widget
  173. Tutorial for Setting up LAN Mode?
  174. BSplayer for Android Feature Requests and Issues
  175. LAN Mode Broken with Android 4.2
  176. [BUG] BSPlayer for Android: Sleep timer cancel doesn't work
  177. Feature Request: gif and jpg support
  178. Some mkvs play some dont
  179. Mrs video not working in the galaxy s3 with android 4.0.4
  180. MTS videos played by BSplayer free in galaxy tb2 plus android 4.0.4.
  181. No subtitles?
  182. volume decreases
  183. Can't Open Youtube URL
  184. HW not working in ICS 4.0.4?
  185. high performance wifi mode
  187. My B.S. Player Lite "Locked"...
  188. Some suggestions to make this the best media player ever!
  189. HDMI 1080p Output using BSPlayer?
  190. How to RTSP on Asus TF700
  191. Cannot load subtitles from local network
  192. Lost audio after playing .flv
  193. Dolby headphone support
  194. Amazon Kindle Fire HD
  195. "unknown user name or bad password" when connecting to an older NAS
  196. bsplayer lite on Woxter TV 100 no image!
  197. Clearing the "All files" folder. BSPlayer Free v1.5 Build 136
  198. Problem with .apk from internet
  199. Other visualisation ?
  200. Can't play m4v files on Nexus 7
  201. Streaming from Remote Potato Server
  202. Auto Brightness
  203. Audio Synch problem
  204. Ogg audio and ID Tags
  205. BSPlayer local video play from bubbleUPNP
  206. BS Player ($5.99) Update (9-25-12)
  207. Disable auto-hide of UI
  208. WMC support ( .wtv & .dvr-ms)
  209. Clearing the Play Queue
  210. set the playback rate
  211. hidebar and bsplayer
  212. remote logon
  213. HW/SW Decoding, Pop-Up Player, Movie Controls
  214. Hardware decoding cannot be used?
  215. HTTP Stream and AUTOLOAD Subtitles from same link but with .srt at the end
  216. Android Status Bar
  217. v1.4 131 blocks on rtsp streams
  218. invalid encoding detected
  219. Play video from FTP/FTPS server with Subtitles
  220. Feature Suggestion (Playlist)
  221. M3u8 support issues
  222. Problems after Update BSPlayer v1.4 Build 131
  223. VP6F codec supported? (FLV)
  224. Pro vs. Lite? Differences?
  225. Questions about LAN playback
  226. Hidden Samba Shares
  227. Popup player?
  228. BS Player for Andriod no longer works with Play ON?
  229. High Performance WIFI mode?
  230. LAN MODE: Network buffering feature for bsplayer-android
  231. LAN connection error.
  232. I am plugging you guys like crazy!
  233. HW accelerated .wmv files?
  234. BS Player on Galaxy Tab 2
  235. Hdmi output and subtitles
  236. http stream on Android buffers, fails
  237. Transformer Infinity TF700 - Not playing from MicroSD
  238. BS Shows "Random" starting offset
  239. Audio Pre-amp setting?
  240. H.264 10bit Support?
  241. What resultcodes does bs player generate
  242. Lan mode can see all my PC content
  243. known file extensions problem
  244. no audio and/ or pixelation when pass forward
  245. Hardware Decode For Network .VOB Files?
  246. Bs Player Pro Wont open
  247. Subs dont work
  248. Keyboard/Remote shortcuts?
  249. Status bar not hidden
  250. Does lan mode support ASS or SSA subtitiles format?