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  1. Chromecast integration?
  2. Subtitle Position
  3. Suggestion: Windows 10 video live preview, on the task switcher
  4. Randomize playlist each time BS Player starts
  5. Privacy: exclude folder from being indexed in "Recently viewed"
  6. BSPlayer free for iOS
  7. Mismatch aspect ratio picture allignment
  8. A 440Hz to 432Hz pitch change funktion
  9. Lock aspect ratio
  10. Remembering of chosen audio track / subtitles of a closed video
  11. Automatically track seen movies/tv shows on trakt.tv
  12. Remembering position of video files / DVD - unnecessary duality
  13. Skin category for 21:9 monitors
  14. automatically send crash report to bsplayer dev team
  15. BSPlayer Pro Cover Art & Library shortcuts
  16. Wide seekbar ?
  17. Aero Snap
  18. Low volume
  19. A misguided feature (Remove “Upload subtitles”)
  20. Autorename Capture frame (screenshot)
  21. network interface
  22. "Rate subtitle"dialog box
  23. Reorganize "Load subtitles..." command
  24. New subtitles adjustment: awful!
  25. Be able to resize the menu
  26. playlist upgrade
  27. Watching 3D movies with anaglyph glasses in BS.Player
  28. Set the jump de/increments of speed/rate
  29. Subtitle Voting & Deleting
  30. request: universal APP
  31. For Linux>>>Suggestion
  32. Secondary subtitle time correction==> Suggestion
  33. Load video and auto load 2 external audio
  34. Open in new Window
  35. [Android] Screen off during MHL/HDMI playing
  36. Playing audio through computer's Line-In Jack
  37. [Feature Request] Preferred subtitle extension in current folder
  38. Feature Request: Store watch history online
  39. Make screenshots in PNG format! (A feature request)
  40. function for external audio
  41. Watched mark for series
  42. pause/play display on OSD
  43. Support for 3d movies
  44. Two Issues .. Need Help
  45. Android: option to play full playlist
  46. Playback rate to apply to whole playlist, not just to single items of it
  47. 3D SBS Movies Support (with 3d glasses)
  48. Android: Preserve playback speed between media files.
  49. Left aligned Subtitle
  50. 3d rendering of subtitles
  51. Password protected URL
  52. Feature requests for subtitles
  53. Webdav support
  54. Feature Requests: Cuesheet support
  55. Feature Requests for Forum: Proposals Subtitle Translation. It can be done.
  56. Playback speed
  57. Feature Requests: Please put here. Latest proposals considered.
  58. Random subtitles
  59. lyrics integrated in BS.Player PRO
  60. An option of downloading the cover of the films
  61. [2.63 Build 1071] Does not read Subtitles accents Rum
  62. Please update the color controls function
  63. General features ideas
  64. New Features For Subtitles AAA
  65. avchd subtitles
  66. Play file from the last stop position. Maybe timeline tags..?
  67. Command line to generate thumbnail
  68. StartTime and EndTime for video
  69. What codecs to install?
  70. BSPlayer can not play ISO movie file.
  71. Subtitles line spacing
  72. "At start switch to" doesn't work if you only want BS.Player to switch refresh rate.
  73. Audio Acceleration
  74. Subtitles position
  75. Codec manager - zastarele verzije kodekov
  76. Subtitles suggestions
  77. Screensaver when paused
  78. "When finished" choices on contextual menu?
  79. Subtitles unchecked
  80. Suggestion to Online Subtitle Downloader
  81. Taking screenshots in the mode "What you see "
  82. Request for new language option
  83. My Movies
  84. remember last selected subtitle
  85. DirectVobSub Plugin
  86. Display title of item in playlist as each movie starts
  87. Improve Recent Media
  88. Improve the media library
  89. MP3-Album Art in Media Library
  90. Using Win 7 builtin codecs
  91. New option: Auto-pause on subtitle download
  92. Default settings vs. own settings
  93. Fixed Video Window Start Size-Position & Fixed Volume Level
  94. Open with BsPlayer only
  95. Option for sound and brightness
  96. Always show fullscreen controls
  97. Add this 2 sites for subtitle
  98. Add Sound Volume Amplyfication to the main interface.
  99. Open all files in folder from recent files list
  100. Radioplayer tags, edit, properties, native letters & choosing stream quality
  101. Option to deselect all the subtitles? and max auto-selected to be 1 or 2
  102. Weighted random playlist
  103. BSPlayer for Mac
  104. Feature Request: Seek/Jump to next subtitle line
  106. Support for Windows 7 Service Pack.
  107. Keeping track of folder for BS.Player's auxiliary files
  108. Option to always show OSD remaining time info
  109. Feature Request: Disable "folder with write permission" Check
  110. Issues I have with BS.Player
  111. Option to delete subtitles from bsplayer
  112. Advanced Random
  113. Select All/None subtitles to download
  114. visualizer?
  115. Some suggestions to...
  116. Best feature in the world...
  117. Ambilight
  119. Better default skin!
  120. PGS subtitles
  121. Subtitle Window
  122. Subtitles search
  123. BS player frames instead of playtime?
  124. framerate doubling like used in Splash pro and PowerDVD 10
  125. Restore window for subtitles search
  126. Two Monitors Plugins
  127. No edit to tracks ???
  128. add more choices for playback speed control
  129. auto resolution change
  130. Suggestions - fades and subtitle servers
  131. Integrate codecs into BS Player PRO
  132. Make BS.Player support embedded subtitles.
  133. Subtitles search keyboard shortcut
  134. How to disable auto subtitle display?
  135. Media library improvements
  136. Auto Full Resize
  137. How can i see Blu-ray disc in BS
  138. suggest for subtitle size fonts
  139. Subtitle size according to movie resolution
  140. logitech z-cinema remote and bsplayer
  141. missing features of BSPlayer
  142. BSPlayer Pro Suggestion
  143. Subscene.com and BSPlayer?
  144. Command line options
  145. Time tracking of LONG audio files
  146. Full support 16:10 mode
  147. vertical alignement of the subtitles top/bottom
  148. Scrobbling on BsPalyer
  149. Support to play unfinished videos
  150. sound high
  151. bsplayer pro trial
  152. SUBTITLE Providers / Need BSPlay Team, I have contacted great subtitle providers
  153. Add option to choose/see the DECODER bsplayer use
  154. Add option to prefer external subtitles over internal
  155. playing from FTP using URL
  156. subtitle search cancel
  157. video converter which converts video in different playback speeds
  158. Broadcom HD accelerator
  159. More codecs needed?
  160. Management window inside movie window
  161. More sources for subtitle search
  162. Delete current file
  163. Placement of audio bookmarks
  164. repeat A-B option
  165. Do not start codecmanager automatically on install
  166. Feature Request
  167. A new option when bsplayer finish movie
  168. Ability to save settings in a file
  169. Volume and subtitle correction sugestions
  170. Need for instructions and more sensible formats
  171. connect file with aspect,pan ,scan other video and audio info.
  172. Feature Requests
  173. problem with color
  174. search function needs improvement
  175. separate vertical/horizontal stretch
  176. More Columns in Media Library and others...
  177. [Auto subtitles]
  178. Subtitles search
  179. Popup dialogs
  180. Need better ASS-subtitle support
  181. buffering for All kind of video files
  182. Option to enable/disable auto load of external audio
  183. Make codecmanager accessible through rightclick menu (just like e.g. forum)
  184. Playing M2V and AC3 simultaneously
  185. bsplayer
  186. NEW" Mac version
  187. Unable to save settings solution
  188. Playlist window always on top
  189. old version of BSplayer (1.02)
  190. Emule plugin for Bsplayer???
  191. Video Tag Editing?
  192. video brightness
  193. My Suggestions To BSPlayer
  194. "Audio Normalize" IS NEEDED
  195. Forum design
  196. Close overlay
  197. close bsplayer on finish
  198. Save auto-downloaded subs for off-line use
  199. auto-shutdown ~ auto-hibernation option
  200. Small, but very annoying bug
  201. BSPlayer messing with FFDshow - let's avoid that!
  202. Homography posibilities ?? for perfect calibration on projectors
  203. Delay for WMV files
  204. How to control the file size of "capture frame"?
  205. Last.fm
  206. Twones
  207. How i can ignore some file types on playlist?
  208. subtitles in the black field
  209. Subtitle Auto-sizing
  210. Subdirectory under Movies
  211. Start from Beginning or Continue?
  212. Any key for Normal Play Speed?
  213. BS Player 2.34 unattended installation
  214. To mark a part from where to while to repeat
  215. SOLVED) problem with saving films with subtitles!
  216. Short Cut for filters
  217. Force OSD
  218. Linux support
  219. howto use subtitle editor
  220. spdif, Win32 waveout extension/a52
  221. HQ and Improved vids from YouTube
  222. Not showing subtitles at .DivX files
  223. 2 audio tracks simultaneously (MKV)
  224. chapters
  225. Shift video and subtitles up and down
  226. BSPlayer for Mac OSX
  227. Volume fine tune
  228. xgene keyboard media buttons
  229. [NOT FIX YET] BS.player v2.33 + codec update + proxy = error
  230. Auto-adding OFF - Request
  231. Display lyrics in mp3 files
  232. [FIXED] Multimedia keys
  233. Vista issues screen capping?
  234. Smart Stretch Suggestion
  235. Documentation
  236. Subtitle Shadow
  237. ??? "BS.Player Preloader" ???
  238. How to set BS to follow DAR instead of PAR
  239. [SOLVED] Subtitle problem
  240. Bs Player For Windows Vista
  241. Search function inside Playlist
  242. RAR files containing more files than the movie (srt, meta)
  243. [SOLVED] skiping seconds
  244. [SOLVED] Playing full HD 1080 mkv format files
  245. Internal Support of Haali Video Renderer
  246. Matroska Video .mkv files and .TS HD Video Files
  247. able to autoload subtitles - but not show them?
  248. Timecoding for DV
  249. Prophecy v2.2 should be the new default Skin for BSplayer!
  250. Remote Control