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  2. Can't see chapters in MKV files
  3. UI Bug - Invisible buttons
  4. HDMI sound to TV - very ,very weird issue
  5. ANDROID app crash on open settings/app freeze when open next video in landscape mode
  6. BUG REPORT! - Issue with "Always on Top"
  7. Blue control panel not reacting on press
  8. Filters No Longer Accesible & Videos Not Playing
  9. BUG: playback speed/rate reset to 100
  10. bsplayer open square window on new movies
  11. mp4 files issue - shows screen - blocks bsplayer
  12. runtime error
  13. All text in Gibberish - preference menu and more
  14. UI not working
  15. Player Crashes when trying to play video
  16. Portrait-oriented video are shown incorrectly
  17. Problems with audio source
  18. AC3Filter update
  19. Jump backward without seek by keyframes ignores settings
  20. BS.Player doesn't detect all audio tracks and subtitles
  21. BS Player don't work anymore on W10 since the update of September 2016
  22. bs player crashes playing some movies
  23. Codecmanager fails to install codecs
  24. Malfunctioning codec
  25. Main window not functional
  26. EUC-KR SMI subtitles not working
  27. List of bugs with Android
  28. error: 0xc00d0013
  29. BS Player stopped playinf .mkv movies
  30. msvcp71.dll error before play video files
  32. New BS Player download not working
  33. Playing MKV changes its timestamp
  34. Glitch two minutes before end of MKVs
  35. Video probs after nvidia upgrade
  36. Error pinging sound then crash
  37. Error: Cant save configuration file!
  38. White Horizontal Line at the Top
  39. image quality
  40. BS Player prevents power saving when movie is paused
  41. Always on top problem
  42. no "open device"
  43. Please help with Auto Pan Scan issue
  44. Subtitle encoding
  45. CodecManager ignoring some codecs
  46. BSplayer crash after I deselct new subtitles renderer
  47. Red line
  48. Song is being muted when repeated one
  49. The player doesn't start
  50. Always select English audio stream by default
  51. bug in 2.70 - subtitles won't work
  52. Horizontal white line - Windows10
  53. Volume and embedded subtitles problem in v2.70
  54. .mkv files
  55. Bookmarks not working after Windows 10 upgrade
  56. H 265 support
  57. Quad speaker setup problem
  58. Playback reverts when video changes while playing in background
  59. Subtitles and audio from VOB - changing not working
  60. Black and white bars problem
  61. BS Player 2.62 only auido - no video, WIN10
  62. Changed for windows 10 and got a prob with BSP
  63. Unable to play AAC audio file
  64. Codecs error
  65. Iphone video upside down
  66. Not working en Windows 10
  67. Problems with "Don't resize video in full screen" v2.69
  68. unable to play video - access violation error received
  69. Subtitles don't resize in full screen mode
  70. Playlist bugs
  71. Chromecast function does not work for LAN files.
  72. Problem with .mkv files
  73. Low voice volume, high sfx and music volume on 5.1 through S/PDIF
  74. Error message launching BSPlayer 2.69 PRO
  75. playback rate problems with 2.69
  76. problem with sound in 4k videos
  77. deleting files
  78. BS playerPRO can't find subtitles
  79. BUG in Pro Version ONLY. Please read
  80. Why so many crashes?
  81. BUG REPORT: crash after pause/play
  82. bs player with windows 8.1 - no video
  83. codecs are not willing to be installed!!!!
  84. Adding TV channels
  85. Help - skipping: it is playing every second song
  86. BS player has stopped working
  87. Restart after 4 seconds
  88. h265 codecs
  89. Audio file ordering - not played in order! (playlist mode)
  90. [bsplayer 2.68] [Windows 8.1] unicode filenames can't be open
  91. BS.Player Installer not launching on Win 8
  92. Mc Afee blocks BSPlayer
  93. how to remove recent files
  94. DIV3 cannot play (only audio)
  95. DING DING sound, stuck and freezes
  96. Window 7, run all on explorer toolbar
  97. In LAN mode, not remember previous file lists position
  98. Don't hear any sound
  99. AVG 2015 Blocking bsplayer
  100. Subtitles disappear after hibernate/sleep
  101. MPEG2 and ffdshow
  102. Glitches on SSD
  104. CRASH after CRASH after CRASH after CRASH, YEAR after YEAR after YEAR after YEAR
  106. Installation Error
  107. can't load external audio 2.67
  108. I have a problem with files like mkv of Naruto Shippuuden
  109. Can't play mp3 without id3
  110. BUG
  111. BS Player won't play files; only in a particular folder
  112. .mov (AVC+AAC) files can't be played with sound
  113. bsplayer and windows 8 troubleshooting
  114. question
  115. switching audio is not working
  116. Some file types does not work in the play list
  117. BAD WEBSITE 2.67 GOES TO 2.67
  118. 2.67 not real or bug?
  119. Muxed subtitles not showing up in BS Player with LAV.
  120. BS player & win8.1 issue
  121. Flac file problem
  122. Downloading Problem
  123. Wrong ratio
  124. Bsplayer & MadVr old issue
  125. Freezes at opening or skipping inside mp4 and mkv files on XP Pro 32bit SP3 Romanian
  126. BS Player takes few minutes to open!
  127. doesn't find subtitles in ANYHWERE
  128. Glad I only have the free version. Zero product support.
  129. Bs player for avi files
  130. embeded subtitles in mkv doesn't show
  131. Black screen after resume from hibernate
  132. No sound
  133. BSPlayer Codec Manager Problem
  134. W8, BSplayer 2.66; An error occurred in the application
  135. Same bug for last 4years: Double framerate of movies in mkv container
  136. odd lag while playing 1GB+ MKV in fullscreen in 1 monitor
  137. video with "png" codec cannot be played
  138. Can't install BS Player on Vista
  139. Bs player won't install in win8.1
  140. i use greek and format in another language !!!!
  141. subs and codemanager
  142. Black-White bars while playing movies - Please help me
  143. No subtitles after resuming Windows
  144. Remember last movie position
  145. Player assumes all extentions against my will
  146. BS Player doesn't play Arabic name files
  147. Crash
  148. MP4's audio out of sync after Windows repair install
  149. Problem with videos.
  150. Suddenly Bs.player stoped working on certain videos
  151. bsplayer wont let me open videos pls help
  152. [Error] "Can't save configuration file!"
  153. it crashes A LOT!
  154. Screen freezes with subtitles overlapping
  155. bs player not showing cyrillic subtitles corectly
  156. video won't open
  157. Is it a bug/compatibility problem or is there any setting for this?
  158. Easy to crash BS Player: Playlist
  159. Can't save Configuration File
  160. Integrated UTF-8 subtitles not working
  161. Not bug but annoying error message with LAV filters
  162. "Open with BS player" in the Windows Explorer Context menu
  163. Does the bsplaye 2.65 has issues?
  164. BS player crushes for SQL error
  165. No picture or sound >.<
  166. Generic2.BIDX
  167. problem with skipping
  168. cannot uninstall\update realmedia splitter
  169. BUG:BS player resume automatically
  170. Problems when watching two videos at the same time
  171. Problems to update FFDShow
  172. Playlist bugs
  173. Subtitles disappearing
  174. Embedded subtitles in MKV don't show up
  175. Primary and secondary Subtitles lost custom position
  176. How to use CoreAVC Video Decoder to play *.mkv?
  177. BS.Player 2.64 and Lav Filters
  178. 5.1 sound without SW
  179. How fix BS.Player crash Windows 8 Store?
  180. Flac Decoder not found
  181. Embedded subtitles problem
  182. HELP! BSPlayer stops working after pausing
  183. Not responding when fast forward is used
  184. Bsplayer Won't Play
  185. Subtitles not displaying
  186. 30fps video forced into 50fps
  187. Washed-out (dull) colors in EVR
  188. Bug with secondary UTF8 subtitles in MKV
  189. Playback suddenly stops
  190. Flash Video (.flv) problem
  191. [FIXED] Page "Check for new version" not up to date!
  192. Yes BS.Player is causing malfunction on the Windows 8 Metro UI. (ONLY 2.63 and older)
  193. BSPlayer fullscreen and pan&scan
  194. help - bsplayer plays .mov files jerky
  195. The program appear an error windows BEFORE every video
  196. Subtitle problem
  197. Error message when starting BSPlayer
  198. playing vide with multiple audio tracks in it.
  199. bs player subtitle problem
  200. Always Autoplay
  201. BS Player is playing .mp4 VIDEOS as AUDIO files?!
  202. HELP! Subs is not working
  203. Flash and subs Bug
  204. can't play mp4 videos
  205. Error sounds while playing video files
  206. Youtube doesnt work
  207. BS Player with Windows 8 Problems
  208. codec x64
  209. BS.Player Free full screen tremble
  210. Subtile fail
  211. Can't drag & drop files to the playlist of the player
  212. 5.1 Surround on BSPlayer
  213. [CONFIRMED] MPA Decoder Filter Bug
  214. codec problem in resolution 1080 and above
  215. Color problem
  216. Bsplayer bug check it
  217. BSPlayer crash when open url (see video attach)
  218. BS.Player has stopped working after too many pauses or jumps
  219. subtitel SPU in MKV
  220. bsplayer's codec manager
  221. REPEAT doesn't work?
  222. Playlist not close or minimize
  223. auto subtitle errors
  224. Bs Player 2.61 are always open win mp3
  225. Number of audiostream in a container
  226. [CONFIRMED] Total time of all files is not visible in playlist in 2.62.1068
  227. DirectShow not installed! 003F
  229. screen shaking
  230. Subtitle editor bug
  231. BS Player stop working
  232. BS.Player Pro 2.61 DirectShow not installed! 0048
  233. BS Player Codec Manager don't works through proxy
  234. BS.Player not play all videos with two audio streams
  235. The BSPlayer get stuck while trying to move the video forward.
  236. Big problem with BS
  237. Runtime error
  238. everything gets stuck and my windows starts to give critical error sound
  239. cant open anything
  240. BS.Player PRO 2.61 does not support DFX Audio Enhancer 10.
  241. new problem - film hangs like it goes from and back with 2 frames
  242. Language (or codepage ?) problem...
  243. Bug in 2.61.1065 version after loading any EQ preset
  244. Click on audio options shuts down BSPlayer
  245. Embedded subtitles from MKV DO NOT work properly
  246. New LED screen - Clips playing too fast
  247. Do DVD Buttons work at all?
  248. BS player crashes when opening AVI
  249. [FIXED in 1066beta] Radio crashes BSP 2.61.1065 (but not 2.57)
  250. Error by starting BS player about subtitles