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  1. Bs Player playback problem (weird)
  2. Auto Pan & scan bug
  3. [FIXED] Can play Rmvb files, but can't add them to ML
  4. [CONFIRMED] Bug found in version 231.973
  5. brightness problem
  6. [SOLVED] BS.Player incorectly zooms non-16:9 video
  7. [FIXED] Bug in beta version 231.971 (20080824 2245)
  8. [CONFIRMED] 24-Bit FLAC Won't Play
  9. embedded subtitles in .mkv do not show
  10. Bug in IPTV Playing
  11. Bugs in playing some kind of rmvb files
  12. dragging video window causes playback restart
  13. Above Normal eats CPU
  14. BSPlayer stops video playing after 2 seconds!
  15. Help! About playback speed
  16. Bsplayer 2.28 (build 964) crashing with vobsub subs in *.mkv
  17. [FIXED] Base skin bug
  18. [CONFIRMED] 2.30 Problem changing playback speeds and rewind
  19. [CONFIRMED] Keys and mouse not run in 2.30 version
  20. Bugs re GUI/translation of BS.Player VERSION 2.3x
  21. problem with playback speed changes BSP 2.28PRO
  22. [CONFIRMED] Subtitle Editor problem.
  23. [SOLVED] not entire screen
  24. [SOLVED] Language
  25. BSPlayer stealing focus in multi-monitor setup
  26. [SOLVED] Subtitle problem
  27. Can't get editing subtitles in BSplayer Pro 2.28 working
  28. BS Player 2.28 PROlite problem with menus and subtitles
  29. showing only audio not video
  30. Can't listen audio track from separate file
  31. auto hide main window problem
  32. Bug with full screen mode and subtitles size change
  33. [SOLVED] Some MP3 files don't play sound automatically
  34. [SOLVED] BS.PLAYER windows 2008
  35. [BUG] Pan Scan setting doesn't last in the playlist
  36. [VISTA] Blurry subtitles
  37. Problems with playing movies
  38. Cannot install bs player
  39. [SOLVED] External file audio with mkv
  40. Color controls don't work
  41. Always on Top not working
  42. saccades et accélération en lecture
  43. [FIXED] Captures format file
  44. [SOLVED] Captures
  45. DVD playback bugs
  46. BSplayer Error!! PLEASE HELP!!!
  47. Bsplayer high I/O reads at startup
  48. [FIXED] Command line "hide" cmd broken
  49. Screenshot takes a lot of time
  50. [CONFIRMED] Hotkey for Playlisttoggle not working properly
  51. [SOLVED] Problems playing DVD files.
  52. Vista sp1 problem with Bs player
  53. Monitor doesn't turn off (DPMS) after watching a movie.
  54. [SOLVED] Cannot play WMV files (scrambled video)
  55. Problem turning subtitles off
  56. [SOLVED] Jumps in movies with external audio track.
  57. BS PLayer not responding when playing MP4 format
  58. [CONFIRMED] Auto start BSP on tray icon?
  59. Reason for crashing on Vista: rendering mode
  60. Bug in 2.28 Build 964 : Subtitles disappear
  61. perhaps a bug in jump forward/back? (2.28)
  62. HELP !! .Avi crash driving me nuts
  63. [SOLVED] i have a problem with bsplayer 2.8
  64. VSFilter + latest version = problem
  65. VISTA Ultimate x64
  66. [CONFIRMED] Skin bug in version 2.28
  67. Bugs in v2.28 + others present in other versions
  68. Windows task bar appears during full screen playback
  69. Two problems of bsp2.28
  70. [MISSING FEATURE] TV tuner problem, No audio
  71. crush when using two audiotrack
  72. Colored Subtitles problem
  73. very saD!!!
  74. F1 (About) crashes
  75. Bugs in BS.Player 2.28 build 963
  76. Multiply bugs in dualscreen configuration
  77. "open directory" audio sync
  78. BSplayer desktop mode doesn't show subtitles
  79. Two annoying subtitle bugs.
  80. i get "[file] is not a valid win32 application error
  81. MKV with embedded subtitles
  82. bsplayer freezes when seeking forward
  83. Error EIP: 02BED67E
  84. bug with opening links and after that playing video
  85. DXVA not working on Vista64
  86. Sorting randomly makes player crashed
  87. Pixel issue
  88. How can you view video files encoded in x264 on Bsplayer?
  89. bs player doesn't work
  90. no ac3 sound for wmv files
  91. Problem about xvid and several audio streams
  92. DVD playback issue
  93. Help run QT MOV files in BSPlayer 2.27...
  94. Vista problem-reg.code
  95. bs player 2.27 audio problems
  96. problem with resolution of subtitles
  97. File association problems
  98. rared x264
  99. Fast Forward then bug
  100. Big problem with BSplayer
  101. Inherent bug in key usage (another free resize complaint)
  102. Bug in free resize? 2.27 959
  103. scaling problems in vista?
  104. Bugs in Beta builds 960/961
  105. depressing Num-5 in full screen mode => black screen
  106. Can't resize playback screen
  107. BS player - all codecs but no video
  108. [SOLVED] Sub title problem on bsplayer
  109. AVi file flipped upside down when using "Extend picture
  110. Weird configuration window
  111. Enormous pixels!
  112. Problems with BS player on my projetcor
  113. how to play broken avi. files with bsplayer
  114. Off topic (to be removed after having had a good look at it)
  115. Aliased fonts ?
  116. Can`t connect to [url]www.bsplayer.org[/url] and download new version
  117. Work-around for error: Please download updated version?
  118. Can't start the player, weird update message
  119. won't play .avi files with XviD MPEG-4 and DivX3 codecs
  120. Problem with playing DVD files on hard drive
  121. uninstall bs player
  122. Starts randomly with different FontSizes...
  123. always on top, key for increase saturation (hw)
  124. More Problems with PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  125. Overlay Mode1 doesn't show video, while Mode2 captures blank
  126. Can't play sub titles on Vista
  127. Problem with Playing audio streams in BsPlayer
  128. V I S T A / W 7 OS installation and registration problems
  129. No audio when playing WMV files.
  130. 2.7 beta unavailable
  131. Browser and video issues?
  132. Can't screencapture!
  133. Report Here BUGS in BSplayer v2.27.957 (Beta)
  134. BUGS in BSplayer v2.27.957 (Beta)
  135. Crash randomly under vista
  136. Problems with video
  137. Can't see subtitles
  138. Frame by frame doesn't work
  139. Start from command line
  140. BS plays a sec forward every couple of minutes
  141. [CONFIRMED] Font script changing when editing subtitles
  142. BSplayer problem - slow playback when option dialog is up
  143. Crash in BSplayer with libmpeg2 / ffdshow
  144. i'm new and need help with subtitles
  145. Problem with DVD playback on BSPlayer Pro - Video Scrambled
  146. Video rendering other then default causes display bug!
  147. Error when opening .asx files!
  148. movie working, no sound ...helpp
  149. SRT blank line problem
  150. BS Player causing Vista to lose standards
  151. BSPlayer PRO gone mad!
  152. Changes in rendering engine since last 2-3 builds ?
  153. AVI Files- out of sync
  154. 2.26 bug - Old style of the playlist
  155. Version 2.26 and still cropped subtitle bug
  156. Pink overlay!?
  157. Window Size Increases Automatically
  158. Forum speed
  159. Crashing with MPG files
  160. FLV files
  161. BSPlayer can't work with Xtrap?
  162. Everytime that i try to open a file appear this message
  163. Always changes my aspect ratio
  164. Why any TV software works but BS Player
  165. Crashed after close-open notebook
  166. " Audio Track " problem HELP :'(
  167. Blank screencaptures when using multi monitors
  168. Can't seek backwards with this movie..?!
  169. [SOLVED] second monitor fullscreen bug
  170. Cropped subtitle show bug
  171. [SOLVED] speaker problem
  172. Multiple screen problems
  173. I reinstall window and now my video won't work
  174. [SOLVED]CAn't download BSPlayer PRO
  175. 2 media Library problems
  176. I cannot open some files
  177. Pause/Resume problem
  178. BSPlayer 2.23.953 and windows vista
  179. Weird Taskbar Button Problem
  180. Very weird Vista x64 Bugs, plz help!
  181. Bsplayer 2 Desktops
  182. bsplayer crashes
  183. [FIXED IN 2.25] Alt+F4 doesn't work anymore in v2.24??
  184. [SOLVED] Sudden shutdown without warning(v2.24)
  185. [SOLVED] Pan-Scan problem
  186. [SOLVED] BSPlayer 2.24 problems after new GPU driver install
  187. Spam (under a stolen username)
  188. Bsplayer 2.24 b954 choppy output to vmr9
  189. [SOLVED] tv channel playlist
  190. Bsplayer 2.24 bugs i have
  191. The best way to bug-free BSplayer versions
  192. Unhandled exception at EIP: 73A116C6
  193. dvr-ms playback and resize issue with 2.24
  194. Question
  195. movie display upside down
  196. [FIXED IN 2.25]2.24 regression-alt+f4 sometimes doesn't work
  197. Unhandled exception at EIP: 6B8E16C6
  198. My BSPlayer won't play anything correctly.
  199. Resizing Video Screen Bug / Issue
  200. Progress time display
  201. Unhandled exception at EIP: 018703A0
  202. BS Player 2.21 & x264 codec
  203. bug: percentage sticks around in full-screen too long
  204. multiple audio streams
  205. can't get playback (audio)
  206. full screen stripes
  207. quartz.dll in vista
  208. Embedded subtitles in mkv can't be disabled
  209. the "subeditor" is bugged
  210. Strange Behaviour Playing Divx files
  211. Always on Top bug
  212. Lag while OSD is present
  213. how can I change resolution in movie to 1680 x 1050?
  214. .mkv and Network Buffering causes ERROR with 2.22
  215. 2.22 bug with ac3codecs + winamp dsp plugin
  216. Does not detect subtitles in .mkv videos
  217. Weird subtitles bug under XP
  218. [FIXED]Error Message "Close file when 'Stop' button is
  219. very very boring bug -subtitles are cut off sides and bottom
  220. BSPlayer Pro v2.22.952 - Error loadind subtitles
  221. BSPlayer 2.22 PRO: Immediate crash when loading subtitles
  222. [FIXED] Bsplayer and monitor turn off
  223. BUG in Subtitle Editor on BS.Player 2.22
  224. Solved (reported issue appears to be no bug)
  225. SCREENCAPTURES 'what you see'
  226. BS.Player 2.2x bugs re GUI/translation
  227. Bugs in version 2.22.952
  228. Video: NO, Sound: YES, Format: AVI, OS: Vista fresh install
  229. Nvidia 8400 BSOD in Vista. Only when Using Bsplayer
  230. Bsplayer playsfine after I use windows media player
  231. BS Player error messages - Windows Media Player no problem
  232. Playing videos from Panasonic TZ3 camera
  233. BSplayer 2.21 pro does not work at all
  234. Bsplayer loses pan&scan settings when paused
  235. Where is mouse contol in new version???
  236. How to remove unwanted video codecs from windows
  237. Problems with Captures with Vista
  238. Show main windows (control) function problem
  239. Problem with registration BS Player Pro!
  240. no subtitles from mkv files
  241. [solved] BS Player and Aero mode???
  242. [Solved]First line of playlist is not used
  243. Why can't i move & hide the window at the top of my scre
  244. subtitles are cut off left and right (cropped subtitles)
  245. 2.21 regression: taskbar shows up in fullscreen mode
  246. Aero is not working (2.21 version)
  247. Unable to Register BS Player Newer then 2.14 in Vista
  248. solved subtitle issue
  249. Further info re (GUI/translation)bug in Equalizer
  250. BS.Player 2.21.950 bugs re GUI/translation