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  1. Error while trying to watch .AVI files..
  2. BsPlayer and Nvidia Detonator...
  3. Green colour on the screen
  4. full screen problem
  5. Keyboard shortcuts function does not work anymore
  6. desktop mode issue
  7. Access violation
  8. problems to launch .ogm files in bsplayer
  9. weird picture quality bug
  10. 2 Bugs - AVI, Skins
  11. Just another bug posting...
  12. VMR9 OSD
  13. Codecs / Skips / New Version
  14. mod2cdmaker problem...
  15. v501: some fixed bugs (not complete) ...and new ones
  16. The program stops when I try to open a file
  17. Subtitles don't show in MPEG2 movies after installing Nero 6
  18. options don´t work properly from command line with ini file
  19. Install matroska, lose audio
  20. Jerking playback over a 100MB switched network
  21. yet another overlay bug report
  22. Tip for overlay problems
  23. subtitles displayed too short time
  24. when launging BSplayer message: error while locating a dll
  25. Matroska srt subtitles support?
  26. Sound and Subtitle doesn't match picture!
  27. Files stopped working.
  28. play... problem...
  29. problem with subtitles
  30. can anyone help me please my subtitels apear in black !!!!!!
  31. Once again, I need help with bsplayer
  32. vbr and bsplayer bug ??
  33. Serious bug: all files in TMP dir can be deleted after crash
  34. Subtitles not load when loading movie second time
  35. Subtitle diagnostics?
  36. Unknown file format
  37. Stream problems
  38. minimizing player and movie window does not work
  39. Problems with Xabre 400, 128 mb videocard
  40. Where to send .LOG file
  41. picture problems
  42. subtitle overlay mode 1 re-position crash + mode 2 not work
  43. SDK message exit
  44. ripple effect/lagging when watching film using tv out ?!?
  45. incomplete fullscreen
  46. VBR movies get audio sync problems bsplayer 500?
  47. Can't rewind OGM files using left arrow key
  48. movie never opens
  49. Minor video problem - In fast scenes the screen splits in 2
  50. My Bsplayer does not work
  51. Subs does not appear on tv, but ok on pc
  52. Unknown file format (DIV3)
  53. mouse cursor in fullscreen mode doesn't disappear...
  54. Grey Screen?
  55. Overlay Failed.
  56. problems with some files...
  57. subs dissapear when pausing with mouse click
  58. BSPlayer is very slow to launch
  59. Bug with subtitres
  60. error message
  61. Screen Capture problem
  62. TVTool and 'Desktop Extension Mode'
  63. Error when i'm trying to go to config menu with divx 5.1
  64. Error when opening
  65. Jump feature does not work properly in frames
  66. Crashes when trying to play
  67. BS Player "Freezes" with certain files ...
  68. start of next avi in playlist kills icq
  69. "bsplay086.500" Don't show avi-tags
  70. Divx-file
  71. I have error about running unreg.bat
  72. all versions fullscreen next movie load bug
  73. BSPLAY+ZoneAlarm Pro= CHOKE Why your BSPLAY will not open
  74. BSPLAY does not like .WMV formats
  75. Goto Time with MPEG2 files
  76. Volume reset to highest volume
  77. My BSplayer randomly crashes
  78. BSplayer hangs up when loading .avi movie
  79. Bsplayer Says Failed
  80. player plays only mpeg.
  81. div3
  82. How I can syncronize substitles on bsplayer
  83. Swedish letter in overlay subtitles
  84. [bug?] unable to delete video files "in use" [XP]
  85. .wmv display problem, history and FIX
  86. IM Definatly Having some problems
  87. Problems with selecting subtitles position.
  88. faulty matroska support persists in 501
  89. please help me
  90. HIGH BUG
  91. video window gone
  92. problem with a xvid video
  93. movie doesn't play
  94. Problem with HW Color Controls
  95. Builds 500 and 501 Preferences bug
  96. nightly build 501 problem
  97. all the people have Bsplayer gui disapear on win98 read this
  98. Extremely Skewed
  99. Problem not working
  100. Can't change volume!
  101. BSPlayer 500,xvid,divx and subtitles-to bst and mv encoders
  102. controls not working
  103. i couldn`t download the bsplayer
  104. error in ivivideo.ax
  105. BSPlayer v0.86.500, Unhandled exception at EIP: 0A8F3697
  106. why can't i take screencaptures from CD ROM drive?
  108. Dr. Watson closes the player with "illegal instruction&
  109. bsplayer CRASH when moving subtitles
  110. playlist side effects
  111. I fixed the problem of the Bsplaye will not play on win98 SE
  112. black screen with sound and subtitles on tvout
  113. Snapshots won't work!
  114. None of my Players Work!
  115. Unhandled Exception at EIP...
  116. "Can't load bsrendv.dll" message in debug mode
  117. BS player crashes windows upon AVI playing
  118. flipped image (up is down & down is up)
  119. AVI ceases after 21 sec of play
  120. Another little bug
  121. Desktop mode and WMV
  122. Two little bugs
  123. 2. Audio file makes disturbing noises only in bsplayer
  124. To author: your mailbox is full
  125. ogm files w/ ogg audio while playing ogg files in winamp
  126. i have found two problems
  127. Danish Subtitles / Danske Undertekster
  128. Resolution changes at startup
  129. About audio streams
  130. Volume & Time Stamp Won't Disappear..
  131. BSPlayer doesn't start on Win98SE
  132. I have sound, but no picture
  133. White captured frames
  134. Problems with DANISH subtitles!!!
  135. Click movie clip on webpage not working for some files
  136. audio/video asynchronised
  137. Audio and Video get asynchron
  138. Fullscreen Probs
  139. Autorun via INI file
  140. DLL Function problems!!!
  141. Background noise and equalizer
  142. Bug with file associations
  143. BSPlayer v0.86.499, Unhandled exception at EIP: 004C8365
  144. bplay.exe - ordinal not found
  145. Anti-aliasing is gone from video files!(After installing XP)
  146. DVobSub stopped loading
  147. unknown file format ()
  148. :? I see picture but hear no sound
  149. I have sound but not picture
  150. Unknown File Format (XCD)
  151. [Help] A strange bug....
  152. remembering intervideo settings doesn't work properly
  153. BsPlayer doesn't work with Xvid Codec?
  154. ??Screen Cap not happening... ??FTW
  155. Problem with showing movie on second monitor
  156. BSplayer hangs in opening
  157. Unknown file format (DIV3)
  158. Player crashes when Newsbin Pro is running at the same time
  159. Have got image but no sounds (= -0,01%)
  160. problem with mpeg movie windows size
  161. Runtime error while trying to output subtitles to overlay :(
  162. [b]Double row of subtitles[/b]
  163. quicktime movie's
  164. problems after upgrade to XP
  165. BSPlayer v0.86.499, Unhandled exception at EIP: 0012F19D
  166. Subtitle bug plz plz plzzzz help me guys
  167. BSplayer won't open. "active system debugger"
  168. Player Crashes When seeking in OGM Files
  169. WARNING ! unknown file format ()
  170. Problem with playlists when using TVTool
  171. Scaling bug (not just BSplayer!)
  172. "Overlay mode 2" and "draw subtitle to overla
  173. transparent subtitles always on
  174. a few bug reports
  175. zoom doesn't preserve
  176. Crackling sound and error message
  177. Conflict Bsplayer/Winamp
  178. missing dll message when launching BSplayer
  179. Black images with some movies
  180. Playlist doesn't open mpeg files (svcd) from virtual drives
  181. Bsplayer 499 crashes when playing avi (xvid) movie
  182. Fails to Access Windows Media type streaming file
  183. Dedynamic makes crash BSPlayer
  184. Playlist bug?
  185. Error In BSPLAYER
  186. problem with corupted OSD
  187. Player wont use DivX codec
  188. Second monitor and subtitles
  189. Stops after 5 seconds :(
  190. Which is the most stable version?
  191. HW brightness shortcut only adjusts up to 7.6 (b500)
  192. AC3 and Ogg in one OGM
  193. AC-3 difficulties
  194. multiple instances ... trouble with opening files
  195. video-tags bugs
  196. "on top" not authorized
  197. Audio problem (NOT codec or volume)
  198. I have problems, please need help
  199. Posting bug
  200. same
  201. capture problem
  202. Wrong timing please help
  203. audio
  204. can't open movie
  205. Please don't use direct linking.
  206. divx
  207. overlay failed!-report
  208. shake that pic
  209. Shutdown problems...
  210. You are not authorized to view this page
  211. Can't run BSplayer with avi and sub with the same name
  212. A few bugs!
  213. captures have blue words on them...
  214. 499 doesn`t find next CD
  215. movies not opening
  217. fast forward bug
  218. DeDynamic filter doesn"t work in BSplayer
  219. Help -- Lot's of freezing going on
  220. Wrong timing!!!
  221. VMR-9 - dont display OSD Messages
  222. bug wih sbtitles in version .499 don't show first letter
  223. the sound comes before the image, because of frame freeze
  224. call me dumber than dumb but luv bs till i could not workit
  225. bplay not responding until I click many times...
  226. Player drops back to Desktop when opening files in explorer
  227. A problem with my player:
  228. please help
  229. BSplayer says not responding when attempting to open file
  230. No audio in BSplayer
  231. Volume 0% when opening Ogm via bsi file
  232. color controls (Build 499)
  233. $586$ string (bild #500)
  234. Full screen mode bug
  235. Problems during playlist playback
  236. Greatest BSPlayer bug - deletes dir content :)
  237. Sound but no Video after crash- SOLVED
  238. Problem with Bsplayer in Win98
  239. error!!! I can't communicate with developer
  240. frame freeze but audio keeps running
  241. XCD Format
  242. subtitles bug in bsplayer build 500
  243. VMR-9 related
  244. Major crash in W2K, WXP.
  245. Black screen with sound with Elecard
  246. Have Video but No Sound
  247. Problem with bill posting with my mouse and others
  248. BSplayer doesn't want to open my files
  249. Conflict Between BSPlayer and TV Tool...
  250. matroska (mkv) support