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  1. Not displaying subtitles
  2. SRT problems - can't use UNICODE, win 7
  3. can i watching 2 subtitle in the same time?
  4. Subtitles cant be positioned properly?
  5. Automatic subtitle download does not work
  6. Is it possible to get API specifications for accessing bsplayer subtitle database?
  7. Subtitles make the left side of the screen glitch
  8. Automatic download - not happening
  9. Subtitles keep showing after deleting them
  10. Update to Windows 10 and now its doesn't support any hebrew
  11. How cover Chinese characters?
  12. BS.Player shows subtitles from another video
  13. Automatic subtitle download?
  14. Subtitles shaking in the screen
  15. Is BS.Player vulnerable for the subtitles hack?
  16. subtitles problem
  17. API for bsplayer-subtitles.com?
  18. Subtitles do not appear in full screen
  19. BS Player stops picture when subs appear
  20. How to change subtitle download location
  21. Hebrew subtitles - Flickering screen
  22. Subtitles size on Android device with no touch screen
  23. Subtitles inside a .mkv file won't work
  24. How can I use BSplayer's own subtitle engine?
  25. Subtitles are displayed but dont download
  26. black box instead of subtitles
  27. Subtitles skip a line every now and then
  28. How to save subtitles settings
  29. One Subtitle - Note and translation same time
  30. Add subtitles search link
  31. Does BS.Player plays .idx and .sub subtitles?
  32. Where can I find file naming guide for subtitle search?
  33. doubled subtitles
  34. Embedded vobsub doesn't work
  35. subtitle problem in hebrew.
  36. PGS
  37. Error via bsplayer-subtitles.com
  38. TV doesn't show fonts properly
  39. hevc videos - can't find subtitles
  40. Subtitles downloaded through BSPlayer are in wrong encoding
  41. subtitles not recognized even though they r there.
  42. subtitles not recognized even though they r there.
  43. Bilingual subtitles
  44. BS.Player stopped finding subtitles
  45. Problem with Polish substitle
  46. Uploaded subtitle
  47. subtitles won't connect and download
  48. Not load
  49. Please make it possible to play. smi subtitles
  50. Problem with embedded subs..!!
  51. shameless
  52. Site support request
  53. Name of subtitles
  54. BS playerPRO can't find subtitles
  55. not recognized subtitles
  56. Subtitle issue!
  57. Second subtitles trouble
  58. When video aspect ratio is set to anamorphic, subtitles remain stretched
  59. Position of subtitles
  60. greek subs
  61. Subtitles Naming Problem
  62. custom Subtitle name
  63. Legend of Portugal and not the same caption of Brazil
  64. Problem with the Subtitles size on tv
  65. Translation stuck ?
  66. upload and display 2 subtitles in one movie
  67. BS Player crashes when loading embedded subtitles
  68. How to set preferred default subtitle file extension?
  69. Changing Subtitle
  70. Where BS Player saves subtitles when the video files are not inside the HD?
  71. subtitle
  72. Unable to use subtitles
  73. Subtitle timing
  74. hidden subtitle
  75. Problems with fonts
  76. add subtitles websites
  77. Can't recognize subtitles after format
  78. Can't find automatic
  79. Subtitles in gibberish
  80. greek subtitles for shameless?
  81. no subtitles
  82. Can't view subtitles in Bs player - Help please!
  83. Arabic Subtitles problem
  84. greek subtitles
  85. Unreadable Greek Subtitles
  86. BS player can't download subs anymore
  87. Subtitles in mkv files nearly never work
  88. Multiple subtitle problem.
  89. no german subtitle detection
  90. Subtitles
  91. language and subtitles
  92. Does BS Player capture personal information?
  93. how to preview the subtitles before downloading
  94. Subtitle problem
  95. How to get more download sites for subs in auto download!?
  96. bsplayer-subtitles.com does not work
  97. Problem with diacritics
  98. 3D subtitles not showing
  99. How do I move the subtitles to the side of the player
  100. automatic subs don't work
  101. Non-removable TOO big subtitles problem
  102. Hiding subtitles on AVI files?
  103. Bug: Subtitles disappear when switched to an external monitor
  104. hebrew subtitles are from left to right
  105. Problem with primary subtitle
  106. Default Subtitle
  107. .sub files' timing not working when using EVR
  108. Subtitle download
  109. Embedded subtitles problem
  110. Subtitles download doen't work with proxy
  111. auto select of subs in the same language
  112. Hebrew subtitles, gibrish fonts..
  113. Auto subtitle load
  114. dual screen subtitle problem
  115. BS player doesn't show fonts properly!!!!!!!
  116. Chinese subs problems
  117. online subtitle problem
  118. Problems with subs - Subtitles overlap
  119. Hebrew titles reversed in release 2.63
  120. problem display translated subtitle (not english)
  121. PGS subtitles not supported???
  122. problem with subtitles
  123. BSPlayer can't find saved subtitles in custom folder
  124. Problem with .sub format
  125. Downloaded subtitle with same name as file name
  126. problem with secondary subs
  127. The Mcleods daughters
  128. Problem uploading subtitles
  129. "Russian" subtitles
  130. Not able to auto find subtitles
  131. Subtitle pop out at startup
  132. Where is the Brazilian Portuguese option?
  133. HELP: how to display Japanese subtitles
  134. jibrish subtitles
  135. auto subtitle errors
  136. subs problem
  137. Subtitles download doesn't work even
  138. subtitle problem in 1080p
  139. evr render subtitles wont show on black bar under overlay
  140. Subtitles ghosting in 4:3
  141. subtitles
  142. editing subtitles without leaving the movie screen
  143. looking for fixing font size regardless of bsplayer resolution
  144. proper fonts of subtitle file not showing up in bsplayer
  145. Subtitles don't appear on my TV
  146. problem with subtitles SOS
  147. problem with the encoding of subtitles
  148. problem uploading my subtitles
  149. Primary subtitles
  150. error with subtitles
  151. How do I upload my own subtitles on bsplayer???
  152. Request for new language option
  153. Subs located?
  154. Subtitles removal
  155. Subtitle page "Unselect all" button missing
  156. the subs does not show up on tv.
  157. BSplayer stops working during online search for subs.
  158. ASS Trouble
  159. Could you please give me a favour for three subs for three documentaries?
  160. How to upload specific language subtitles
  161. BSPlayer doesn't auto-load subtitles from online subtitle download folder
  162. Remembering custom subtitle position
  163. Two languages at same time
  164. Character set used with subtitles
  165. Brazilian Portuguese ( Portugues Brasileiro )
  167. "Places" subtitles problem
  168. Adding Websites with subtitels to BS Player
  169. I cant move the subtitles up or down
  170. Subtitles are "ghosting" in the margins
  171. BS.player won't find any subtitles anymore
  172. Subtitles upload: is it fair?
  173. Embedded subtitles.
  174. Subtitles
  175. Subtitle renaming
  176. Subtitles displayed reversed
  177. Subtitles no longer downloading
  178. script problem
  179. "No Subtitles found" when playing MKV
  180. Subtitles, vertical center
  181. Lagging problem with subtitles
  182. Arabic Subtitles appear backwards!
  183. Subtitels possition
  184. Problem with subtitles!!!
  185. [unconfirmed] Changing subs' font size caused subs to display at top of screen
  186. Subtitles appear in the computer but not always on TV
  187. [FIXED] How to disable secondary subtitles by default?
  188. When subtitles are in 2 parts
  189. How can I change the font and size of DVD subtitle?
  190. subtitle language
  191. bs player 2.53
  192. New providers?
  193. few problems with my BS player srt subtitles
  194. Embedded subtitles from MKV not being displayed
  195. V-sub solution = MILLION BUCS
  196. Position subtitles under image
  197. need help wrt to subtitles.
  198. Subtitles.com.br supporter
  199. Error api.opensubtitles.org
  200. Embedded DVD Subtitles Don't Work
  201. Subtitle fps Problem
  202. Merging .srt Greek subtitles with .mkv
  203. OpenSubtitles.org support
  204. Built-in subtitles renderer?
  205. do you have any problems displaying the subtitle site?
  206. subs with different name are not displayed
  207. Georgia Rule Sub
  208. Subtitle colors
  209. opening subs with different or same names
  210. converting sub in srt
  211. Subs keep showing editor comments...
  212. Spanish subtitles does not displayed correctly
  213. BS does not show subs
  214. How can I save the srt in hard drive?
  215. Subtitles disappear with full screen
  216. subtitles are not letters
  217. Subtitles are not displayed - MKV file
  218. [FIXED] bs player bug - subtitles no longer being auto-found online
  219. Subtitle vertical position
  220. subtitles on vertical
  221. Double subtitles
  222. subtitles black out screen
  223. no local subs - snd player play the worng sub!
  224. No subtitles displayed on X64 Server2008
  225. Subtitle position down the screen
  226. Pasting subs??? Edit mystery/problem [SOLVED]
  227. subs and vob
  228. Add subtitles to movie
  229. legendas.
  230. Which version of BS player searches for subs in addic7ed.com
  231. Double Subtitles
  232. adding subs pages
  233. my subtitle is black
  234. MKV files and .ass subs/scripts
  235. Can't set subtitles offset to negative.
  236. subs showing numbers
  237. Secondary subtitles time correction
  238. Can`t view the subs after downloading them
  239. Subtitles Location
  240. Manual subtitle time correction works in FREE but not in PRO
  241. Extra subtitle (unwanted) =/
  242. Problem mounting subtitle
  243. How to upload subtitles?
  244. Subtitles
  245. Help with built-In subs
  246. new subtitle page
  247. unable subtitle off
  248. How to open subtitles with a different name than movie
  249. problem with subtitels
  250. subs do not show up