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metal_termite 15th February 2004 04:16 PM

Volume Track (HBtn)
The instructions in skin.ini aren't too clear for the horizontal button volume track.

The old way worked fine, but wont work in the new version for me.


In the new version I cannot get the volume HBtn to move. The PosSize variable deals with x,y,w,h but how do i indicated how far I want my HBtn to go? The old method had Volume=x,y, and max x distance.

PosSize=167,14,12, 7

kylek 17th February 2004 12:20 AM

The volume button will not move unless a video is playing. That may be your first problem.
Here's what your numbers are:
167=upper-left x-position of volume bar
14=upper-left y-position of volume bar
12=width volume bar will be
7=height volume bar will be

so as you have it now, the volume button will be on zero at x=167 and be on 100% at x=179 with a height of 7 pixels going from y=14 to y=21.

seems like your's should be:
volume=167,14,208(or width of volume bar),(height of volume bar)

kylek 17th February 2004 12:25 AM

sorry that's possize=167,14,(width of volume bar),(height of volume bar)

metal_termite 17th February 2004 06:51 AM

k thanks for the help.

i'm trying to port the modern winamp5 skin. hopefully i'm not breaking any copyright law.

metal_termite 18th February 2004 05:08 AM

It worked. now i'm having trouble with the track btn :/ the little track button wont show up. (the dimensions of the track button are 20x7)

i'll just post a chunk of the skin.ini maybe i'm doing something wrong.

; Position and size
; x,y,w,h (w,h is ignored if TrackKind=HB,VB)

; Track bar kind,
; H-Horizontal, V-Vertical, HB-Custom bitmap horizontal, VB-Custom bitmap vertical
; HBtn - button Horizontal, VBtn - button Vertical

;If TrackKind=HB, name of the bitmap that will be used

; If HBtn or VBtn

; same parameters as TrackBar

kylek 19th February 2004 03:51 AM

Great looking skin you have there. Perhaps you could make a redish or bluish variant of the theme sometime. I've done some experimenting and the only possible problem i found, assuming your numbers are correct, was with your "buttonimg". here's your code:


for your "buttonimg" you point to the files "seek[n|u|d].bmp". So make sure you have a "seekn.bmp" file for normal view, a "seeku.bmp" file for when your mouse is over the button, and a "seekd.bmp" file for when you press the button. All three files can be the same, but i think they need to be named in that format to work.

Hopefully, this is the problem.

metal_termite 3rd March 2004 04:25 PM

thanks for all the help.

you can download it here if you want

edit: fixed link

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