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grendizer 24th June 2006 11:18 PM

Can I create this GUI with a skin?
Is it possible to use the skin creation tools to make a GUI that would have one single window, like Windows Media Player 7 to 11 and WinDVD?

BSPeter 25th June 2006 12:55 PM

Read in skin.ini-file:

; 0 - Two separate windows, one movie window the other with controls (skinned)
; 1 - One window only (not fully supported yet)

Given the fact that I've not seen any single window version so far, maybe the word "fully" at item 1 is a bit "wishfull writing".
P.S.: This issue is also mentioned in this post:

Tizio 25th June 2006 01:04 PM

It's not fully supported yet (but probably it's not supported at all), I also tried to make a skin with only one window, but I think that other settings are missing (i.e. the position and dimension of the movie window in the skin) so until the devs update the skin file/engine it's not possible... I hope they'll implement this soon :roll:

One "Not fully supported yet" function that works is the one for blend buttons.. really good results, but sometimes error messages appear..

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