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Sora Doru 4th March 2007 02:23 PM

Some problems with search and volume butons
1. On any skins, the buttons like Forward, Backward, Fast Forward, Fast Backward can't be accesed with the mouse.
In fact can be used for nothing only one time, because the mouse dont have an auto repeat keystoke function like keyboard.
Can be implemented those function in BsPlayer executable structure?
2. In skins can be make a rotary volume button? (not a rectilineal trackbar volume) If is possible I wish to explaine me how.

I make excuses for my bad english

Ico-man 5th March 2007 01:36 PM

1. It can be done (for example: volume + and -). Just check base skin.

2. Rotary buttons can't be done at the moment. We might include this option in future versions of BS.Player, but we can't say right now, when will we do it.

Take care.

Sora Doru 10th March 2007 04:57 PM

Exactly about this function i am talking. Sincerely i don't observe this function on volume +/- buttons until now, because is more easely to point the volume bar to desired position.
About volume rotary buttons i still think it will look pretty. 8)

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