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Netscape 6th January 2012 01:41 PM

HW accelerated playback for streamed files
It seems like HW accelerated playback isn't working atm for streamed files - as I was told by BSPlayer when I tried to play some videos located on my NAS.

I also tried a whole bunch of other players for Android, but no one could do this.

Why is it so hard or even impossible? Will BSPlayer support hardware acceleration for files streamed over LAN sometime?

(I'm using an Android 2.3 device with Cortex A8 CPU btw.)

S3b4 10th January 2012 05:21 PM

I also can say that Hardware Acceleration for LAN movies would be great. I have to say that using my ARM Cortex A8 device cannot play any movie with Hardware Mode with BSPlayer codec.

One thing more which would be great to have is the possibility to start BSPlayer in LAN mode.


Dr Strangelove 14th January 2012 08:42 AM

BSPlayer for Android v1.2 build 124

I can only report what I see, BUT I see my .mkv 720p Avatar movie is being streamed from my QNAP NAS via 10/100 Ethernet using HW (Hardware Acceleration).

If I view an .mpv 720p Avatar movie it is also seen as HW decoded when streamed from my NAS via 10/100 Ethernet.

I know, I was a bit surprised to see that too.

This is on an FV-1 Android TV box running Android v2.2 which sports a 1GHz SP5V210 ARMv7 PowerVR SGX540

Currently have the box plugged into a 1920x1200 24" IPS Full-HD monitor via HDMI which is set to movie mode.

I have BSPlayer Decoding mode set to: Hardware decoding mode (BSPlayer engine)

The File information overlay indicates the follow:

File: Avatar.mkv

File: matroska,webm@25.000fps
Video #1:h264, 720x576 (HW acc)
Audio #1:aac, 48000Hz, 2ch
FPS: 24.93, avg:24.04

File: Avatar.mpv

File: mov,mp4,m4a,3gp, 3g2,mj2@25.000fps
Video #1:h264(avc1), 720x576 (HW acc)
Audio #1:aac, 48000Hz, 2ch
FPS: 24.97, avg:25.01

So, the movie is on the ragged edge of frame stability with a _very_ small amount to 'stutter'/frame skip due to my Android boxes hardware/OS limitations.

Using any number of other Android video players I am NOT able to get the picture playback stability I can get with BSPlayer Lite.

This bodes well for BSplayer looking forward.

Franzois 2nd February 2012 03:59 PM

Hi there,

I have the same problem on a Onda Vi30W (Cortex A8+Mali 400). Using a SD card, or even an external USB drive, BSPlayer plays well 720p or 1080p movies (.mkv), using the hardware decoding (ca 24 frames/s).

However, when I use the LAN option to stream the same files from a Synology NAS (using Wifi N at 150mb/s), BSPlayer refuses to use the hardware decoding mode and is very slow (4-5 frames/s).

I use BSPlayer Lite at the moment. Is that a problem with both the Lite and Pro versions? If the problem is not well referenced, I can do tests.

Thanks for any help.


Ico-man 23rd February 2012 09:09 AM

Use of HW decoding for LAN files is only available in Hardware decoding mode (BSPlayer engine).

Batmobeal 13th June 2012 10:20 PM


Originally Posted by S3b4 (Beitrag 49589)

One thing more which would be great to have is the possibility to start BSPlayer in LAN mode.


I agree! Since most of the movies we all have reside on our LAN, it would be a great idea to allow BSPlayer to start in LAN mode!

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