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BJ1200 21st September 2012 04:11 PM

HW/SW Decoding, Pop-Up Player, Movie Controls
Hi All, We are paid customers.

With all the great settings it can certainly confuse the "Over 50" crowd. We are down to just 5 questions. This is our first attempt for outside help. Any help would be appreciated.

Q#1: Our Galaxy S3 phones came with two stock video players. Neither would produce sound with MKV movie files that had DTS audio. These movies now work with option #2 checked, but sometimes bog down/choppy . Selecting "Drop Frames" made no difference.
What selection should we make (below) for the "Decoding Mode" setting?
1) Software Decoding Mode
2) Hardware (BSPlayer Engine)
3) System Decoding Mode (System Player)

Q#2: What can we do to fix this? Our controls for movies enter the screen slow and choppy. This started after we installed BSPlayer. The time "slider" doesn't move smooth, has to catch up, clunky. Below are our Hardware "Codec" settings.

Q#3: BRIGHTNESS: Is there a way to have brightness, contrast, color controls like the non-android BSPlayers? It would be great if just had "brightness" that worked like volume...up to 200% of OEM setting. We are aware of the left vertical slider to 100%.

Q#4: The movie controls take up over 1/2 the screen in landscape. Can these be made smaller? In either rotation, they seem out of if designed for a tablet size (see below).

Q#5: The tiny Pop-Up player is set to appear with a "Long Press" of the Back button. But it appears all the time, even with a super short press of "Back" button. Is there a way to adjust that sensitivity/timing? The white X in the upper left of the Pop-Up player is not very responsive so we get frustrated always having to close down this tiny player .

Ico-man 24th September 2012 09:17 AM

1. Try Hardware (BSPlayer Engine) > System Decoding Mode (System Player) > Software Decoding Mode. In that order.
2. Other than selecting best decoding mode and drop frames, not much.
3. Not at the moment.
4. You can select different skin in Preferences>User interface, there are 4 in total.
5. Long tap on Back will always open popup window (unless specifically disabled this action on long press in Gestures). The reason that popup window is displayed even after a short tap on Back is that you changed setting Background playback from Audio to Audio and video - popup. We will think about the design of popup window.

BJ1200 26th September 2012 02:11 AM

Thank you so much for the help.

#2 We don't have the lag and choppy player controls when we use the movie player that came with the phone. It's super smooth and instantly responsive. We like the features of BS, just didn't expect some steps backwards.

#5. There has to be a better way to enable the "Pop-up" to appear on the phone instead of using the Back button. Why can't this be a button in the pause/stop buttons GUI? Or maybe up in bar across the top where the lock and screenshot .icon are located.

Right now, if you want "Pop-Up" enabled, it appears there is no way to close the app using the "Back" button because it always opens up the pop-up.

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