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podumal 12th October 2012 09:32 PM

"unknown user name or bad password" when connecting to an older NAS
I've been having problems connecting to my router's shared drive from both SGS2 and N7 with several Android apps.
After researching a bit I found it to be a problem of an older samba 3.0.x version being used on my router, which does not support the "new" default settings in jcifs.

You can check this here JCIFS


jcifs-1.3.2 released / Samba DFS
posted by Mike, Dec 22, 2008
Accessing a DFS link on Samba directly could result in an error. This issue has been fixed. Samba 3.0.x does not support raw NTLMSSP and therefore the new default JCIFS settings that use NTLMSSP break JCIFS and Samba 3.0.x compatibility. To work-around, turn off extended security and use NTLMv1 by setting jcifs.smb.client.useExtendedSecurity=false and jcifs.smb.lmCompatibility=0.
I have already asked Christian Ghisler of Total Commander to modify his LAN plugin in order to have a "Older NAS compatibility" check box which changes the above mentioned values from the default true and 3 to false and 0.

What about adding a similar check box in BS Player and then performing a simple:

jcifs.Config.setProperty("jcifs.smb.client.useExtendedSecurity", false);
jcifs.Config.setProperty("jcifs.smb.lmCompatibility", 0);

Thanks in advance.

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