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jimpmc 13th January 2013 06:51 PM

Installing bsplayer prevents mp3 attachments from playing in email apps
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I have installed bsplayer and so far it seems like a great app.

However, I am experiencing a side-effect of installing bsplayer relating to the playing of mp3 attachments from email apps. Before installing bsplayer, an email with a mp3 attachment would play in a pop-up viewer. After I installed bsplayer, when I would try to play the mp3 attachment from the email, it would try to run bsplayer (the bsplayer window would pop up), then it would say "Error opening file VIEW".

If I uninstall bsplayer, then the behavior reverts to playing the mp3 fine with the inline player. I looked for options in the bsplayer settings, but nothing I tried seemed to fix this issue. It's as if bsplayer is hijacking the mp3 playing.

Here are some screenshots showing what I'm describing.

This occurred with bsplayer v1.8.148 both on a tablet on Jellybean 4.1.1 and a Droid 2 phone on Gingerbread 2.3.7.

BSPeter 13th January 2013 07:14 PM

If you're not normally using BSPlayer for playback of mp3-files, maybe remove file-association for mp3's in BSPlayer.
In BSPlayer tap on menu ... Preferences ...General Preferences ... Extensions ... [Enter file extensions separated by comma].
Now delete mp3 from the list and tap [OK].

jimpmc 13th January 2013 08:06 PM

I had tried that, even rebooted after removing mp3 from the list, but the behavior remained the same. Isn't that list just used for showing only known file extensions in the file browser (the opton below)?

BSPeter 14th January 2013 01:20 AM

Hmm, changing file associations in Android tends to be more difficult than under Windows.
Did you also already try in Android's Settings app:
Tap on Apps ... ( [DOWNLOADED] ) ... BSPlayer (FREE) ... Clear defaults ?
(If that doesn't work maybe try the same for your email-app.)

jimpmc 14th January 2013 02:32 AM

There are no defaults set to bsplayer, so there is nothing to clear. Also, it effects all email apps (gmail, google's email app, and other 3rd party email apps like k9 mail). There are no defaults associated with mp3s and the email apps.

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