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warchief 3rd November 2013 01:32 PM from new sources
Hi there,
I cross-compiled succesfully like you described here.
But then I saw that the sources you provided are pretty old: opus 1.0.2 and especially ffmpeg 1.0 is out of date.
Just replacing old versus new sources folders on my own fail to compile: opus won't be found with newer sources.
So would you provide us with newer sources anytime soon or would you tell me what to edit to get a compilation done?
Thx in advance.

Ico-man 6th November 2013 02:30 PM

Will be updated in next build.

foxidrive 24th May 2016 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by Ico-man (Beitrag 67608)
Will be updated in next build.

Hi, I wonder if this is fixable.

(My question is at the bottom in bold font.)

The all-in-one sources don't have a make file in the location expected, and I can't see a docs/STANDALONE-TOOLCHAIN.html document inside android-ndk-toolchain.tar.xz as shown at this page here. Edited link


Peter@PE ~/ffmpeg-build-windows
$ ./ arm7_neon
*Buliding for ARMv7 NEON*
Builidng OpenSSL
./ line 184: make: command not found
./Configure: line 2: exec: perl: cannot execute: Is a directory
./ line 186: make: command not found
./ line 187: make: command not found
Error builidng OpenSSL

Thank you.

I'm trying to understand why BSplayer/Android is registering and plays filetypes like MKV MP4 AVI just fine - but android doesn't show BSplayer as a player for MP3 files when selected in the same way.

I click on these links in the default web browser with local MP3 and other files in html.

Can you provide a clue for me please? I'm not sure that a custom codec is going to help me here - and MP3 is listed in the default set of filetypes in BSplayer configuration.

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