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pavlf 31st December 2013 12:56 PM

BS crashing with CIFS
Hello, I'm new here, though not so new to BSplayer or android, it's just that I've never had a problem until now! I hope someone can help.

Here's the thing:

I recently bought a sumvision cyclone nano slim+. It is running Android 4 ICS.

I have a lot of network shares, so I installed and mounted a share point using cifs.

Now, the stock player can handle everything, but it isn't so good with subtitles, especially embedded MKVs and as I've bought the full version of BS and use it on most of my other devices I thought I'd give it a go. First off, it didn't work using it's own smb network connection, far too laggy. So I switched to HW decoding, but this doesn't work with a network connection. Ahaaa I thought, I can use the mount point to fool it into thinking it isn't streaming. Using HW decoding (system) it works brilliantly, for about 2mins, then crashes back to the file view. Restarting takes you back to the beginning. BS player is the only player I've tried that can do subtitles, non laggy video and synched audio for 720mkv over my network. But it can only do it for 2mins!

I've checked all the options for network performance, cranked up the buffer etc. Is there any hope that this can be solved or is there nothing to be done. If not it's a real shame as on all my other machines BS is brilliant. I guess this is probably an issue related to the machine more than the player??

Hope someone can help.

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