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darkbits 6th September 2014 12:44 PM

BS.player + ChromeCast + NAS
Hello all,

I bought the commercial version of BS.player for Android to use together with my ChromeCast :shade:

Everything is working fine if I play a video saved in my device or if I play a video from my NAS in my tablet, but if I want to play a video from my NAS (video + subs) to my Chromecast using BS.player, I get an error.

I found the problem, BS.player uses the defined username/password to access the NAS for local streaming, but it´s not using this information for chromecast streaming, because I found errors in my NAS trying to access as "guest" access. I thinks this is something easy to solve.

I was testing with other video players (like wondershare) and it´s working fine, so it´s a :bug: in BS.Player.

I hope devs can help to fix this. I´m using BS.player v1.17 build 170

Thanks and keep doing this fantastic job!

Best regards from Madrid

bb3s 10th October 2014 11:51 PM

Well I have same isue. I removed login to NAS and its same.
Works fine NAS --> G tab 4 or G S5 even subtitles works.
Works fine with local files from galaxy tab 4 or S5 to chromecast, subs doesn' t works

All files are mp4 and works fine with other players, nas--> tab4--> chromecast
Is There planes to fix this?

Ico-man 21st October 2014 02:49 PM

We will check this. Can you tell us on which players it does work?

bb3s 24th October 2014 10:17 PM

Atm, I use bubbleUPnP and works fine with subtitles if you manually load it up, but is complicated if is zipped and takes time to find right sub. Sometimes doesn't work att all.
When u fix Bsplayer that will work fine with NAS and chromecast ( subtitles too) I will more then gladly to buy it back.

Wagz 24th January 2015 02:03 AM

Devs, please fix this, it's the reason I purchased BSplayer in the first palce but it has been totally useless to me. It's easy to reproduce the problem, just access a share, play a file and cast it to a chromecast. I'm going to have to rate it down for now on until the issue gets fixed.


Bowser006 9th December 2015 04:04 PM

This issue still isn't fixed??

I bought BS Player Pro for Android to stream Videos + subtitles via my Samsung galaxy S5 to chromecast on my TV.

Unable to load in chromcast.

Are there any solutions meanwhile??

mon4ch0 25th November 2016 10:02 PM

Same Issue with Google Chromcast Ultra
Hi Guys, I just found this forum searching on the internet.

I have the same issue when I try to cast a movie to a Chromecast Ultra. The movie begins without any problem, but I'm not able to see the subtitles, either if I had already loaded them to the movie on my smartphone, or if I try to load them once I'm casting.

I have the Bsplyer full version, and I'm trying to cast a movie from a Huawei Nexus 6P, to a Google Chromecast Ultra

Nadao 6th March 2017 11:39 AM

Is There planes to fix this?



1 2 3 5th April 2017 10:43 PM

hello ?
this is still an issue ... I can't access my Network Area Storage device from your app either ... gives me an error every time ... plays great on my phone ... casts great from my phone ... but streaming through my phone to my chromecast from my cloud device is a no go ... this feature works great with the Allcast app, the Web Video Caster app, and the Megacast app ... these apps however don't have features of your app (ability to switch between embedded audio tracks, the best subtitle system I've found so far, easy to learn touch screen controls, etc ...)

please address this issue as it's the primary function of the media player on my phone and the reason I bought your app.

I'd be happy to have to manually sign in to my NAS and my chromecast from the app itself as long as I had some guarantees as to the security of that information.(in regards to a possible solution based on the original poster's findings)

I'd be happy to provide any user end information I can

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