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josefb122 18th November 2015 09:24 AM

BSplayer does not resume playing from last place
I have purchased the BS player android app. I have one problem with it. I have created a playlist, but when I play a file and then pause and exit the app, the next time that I turn on the app I get the general menu window instead of the player window, so I lose the place where I stopped and I need to search for it. I want to continue to play the file from the place where I stopped every time that I turn on the app, and then keep playing the next file in the playing queue. How do I do that?
Thank you

Ico-man 14th December 2015 11:58 AM

This should work by default. What filetypes are in playlist?

matt72yard 18th January 2017 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by Ico-man (Beitrag 83669)
This should work by default. What filetypes are in playlist?

I am not the original poster, but I am a Pro user and have the same issue.

I listen to MP3 podcasts. They rarely start where I left off and it is very frustrating. Especially if it has been days since I listened to a long podcast, so I have to home in on where I was through trial and error.

Is there a setting to fix this issue?

matt72yard 26th January 2017 04:28 PM

Two things:

1. I did find a setting that allowed me to enable playing from where I left off for MP3 files. This did help, but not 100% of the time
2. It has been a week since I posted my question, and the support is so poor, I regret being a Pro user and purchasing the player. I am looking at your many competitors.

Thanks for nothing,

Mokona512 30th January 2017 07:22 AM

That is a long running bug with BSplayer, where sometimes, it will not remember the last location, especially if the player crashes for any reason, or if that annoying issue happens where the floating video window suddenly disappears for no reason, it will forget where it left off.

Though if the media is stopped using either the built in playback controls, or the back button, it seems to retain the position where it was stopped at, pretty much all of the time.

Sadly for competing players, there really isn't anything better. I tried like 30 other video players, and nothing really offers the feature set of bsplayer.

The only exception is a player called "dice player", which can stream from DLNA or smb shares, and doesn't have the issue of the hover window randomly closing for no reason, as well as supporting subtitle files and seeking from within the hover window, but the developer abandoned the app, thus unless you are running android 4.0 or older, it won't work anymore.

The best outcome would be if the devs at bsplayer could get a hold of the code from bsplayer, in order to add in their hover player, subtitle support, and the crash recovery, where if you launch an app that causes the hover window to crash, it will recover where it left off.

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