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ercanacar 22nd March 2003 09:20 AM

Skip some frames feature
we need skip feature for some frames.
in such a way that : we add into .ini file intervals with frame numbers;


and then bsplayer dont show this parts of film.
is it possible now, i cannot find? or can you add this features? Please.
Thank for your works.

Im delphi programmer, i writing like a familyplayer program, but this long time for me. Because im not perfect programmer.
i put mediaplayer and a timer component, and control if mediaplayer.frame number>=willskippedframenumber then skip on every timer calls :) etc.. but this player very basic :) bsplayer is very good.

Pollito 28th March 2003 02:16 PM

I'll be great to have a parental control feature like this. I could "clean" some of the movie's I don't want my kids to watch and make them watchable for everyone without having to cut the original. I would really like this feature. Maybe the ability to mute the player on the bad words also. :)

yop83 29th March 2003 05:51 AM

No Censorship!
Sorry if I sound Harsh, but Censorship is not the answer!

If your kids are so young that they can't see your movies, then instead of letting them alone on the computer, supervise them and use the machine with them! If they are old enough to use the machine alone, they'll probably find the way to circumvent the protection anyway (even more easily if it's just a .ini file with a list of frames blocked...) !!

So the best solution is a responsible use of computers: either don't have porn (or whatever not appropriate) or else expect your kids to find it!!


ercanacar 2nd April 2003 02:54 PM

I have finished my program. program is really good working.
we use this program now. Program is addon for bsplayer.

Sorry, program language and readme only turkish, yet.
But we writing english documents, when finish english documents will announce and open downloads for you.

We planning a web site for our bsplayer addon. With web site, you can search and download film ini files (for our player) and can submit new ini files for our player.

Thanks for your participations. I'll be back.

i have too many quiz this week :(,

ercanacar 11th April 2003 09:09 PM

we have finished fAmily pLayEr.
fAmily pLayEr is bsplayer Addon.
and web site is :

We have only Turkish docs, now.
English documents are writing.. We announce english readme and howto docs.

if u test family player u can download it.

Thanks for your supoorts.

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