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bluedan 13th June 2002 06:00 PM

playback ogm with two video streams
BST2K, I know that there is virtually no player around so far that can handle the task of being able to choose between 2 video streams in OGM, but I would be quite pleased if it were your player!! I guess it is not a question of the corresponding DIRECT SHOW FILTER because I was able to mux 2 vid + 2 aud streams into that OGM file. Beyond that the OGG container format was designed to hold as many different streams :lol:
I know that in most cases you won't need such feature but here it's a collection of music videos combined with making-ofs/alternative takes of exactly the same length whereas audio is the music on one hand and a commentatory track on the other. This way it'll be easy watching when I was able to switch between the original and alternative video stream.
Also I think that your player has to look up in OGG splitter anyway to find out about number of audio and subtitle streams anyway...
So I hope that it would be not too much workload though I know that everybody has explicit wishes to you for his special needs anyway.
Anybody else who appreciated that feature??

bst 14th June 2002 10:06 AM

Re: playback ogm with two video streams
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Actually code for switching video streams is present in last two builds, but it's disabled.
You can try attached file.
Currently all video streams must be the same (width, height, codec) also
sometimes decoder get confused and video stops.

bluedan 14th June 2002 05:16 PM

heyhey, you're already ahead of them all!
This is much more than I expected.
Why did you hold back that code?
Was it because of that slight disturbance with sudden playback stops??

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