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adicoto 1st September 2012 06:36 AM

StartTime and EndTime for video
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Is there any chance to implement StartTime and EndTime as commands for the video files ?
This feature was suggested by a friend of mine and motivated by the ideea that he like to watch for example a list of episodes from a series. Usually, at the begining there is something like 3-4 minutes "previously in ....." and at the end you have another 2-3 minutes of credits that he wants to skip.
All this created using a bsl file.
Can it be done ?
See the attached file.

BSPeter 1st September 2012 06:53 PM

At least a starttime like "Start movie at x seconds" should be possible to implement as already possible using the command line parameter -stime=x
An "early ending time" or "Early terminate movie at x seconds from end" would indeed be a totally new (and interesting) feature.
Edit: meanwhile found out that this feature was already asked five years ago (click here).

Dany456 11th October 2012 03:56 PM

Can you show us an example how come placed in the file. -stime=x ????
early ending time ???



BSPeter 16th October 2012 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by Dany456 (Beitrag 64871)
Can you show us an example how come placed in the file. -stime=x ????
early ending time ???



Please note that at present only a shifted starting time is supported using a command line parameter (though there is a long outstanding request with respect to a similar function for the ending time (click here).)
I think the easiest way to show you how these command-line parameters work is to first create a new shortcut to BS.Player (or simply copy the present one). Save the new shortcut under any name in a folder a folder to your liking, making sure the user's rights/privileges for that folder are OK.
Now edit "Target" of this newly created shortcut (rightclick on it > Properties) and add to the end of the existing line a <space> followed by: "[MyDrive]:\[MyPath2File]\[MyMovieFile.avi]"
(Of course instead of the [My....] etc fill in the appropriate data.)
Now you cou can also add further parameters like e.g. <space>-fs<space>-stime=120<space>-hide
(Meaning/function of these parameters are as indicated in the file "cmdline.txt" which is in the folder named "doc" inside BS.Player's installation-folder.)
Save the shortcut after having finished editing it.
Now test it first (without BS.Player already running; in BS.Player's preferences 'autostart' should be selected).
If it doesn't work, there may be a typo in the part you edited in the shortcut's target. Maybe copy the line in a further post on this forum so that we may take a look at it. (Don't forget to also mention your OS please.) Also let us know if you succeeded of course!
Contents of cmdline.txt:

Command line parameters
-fs  Start in fullscreen mode
-ar=W:H  Aspect ratio, ex.: -ar=16:9
-asx  Start with x audio stream
 x=1-> 1st audio stream
 x=2-> 2nd audio stream
 x=n-> n audio stream
-pan  Pan-scan mode
-nsub  Disable subtitles
-skin=SKIN Start with specified skin, ex.:-skin=Base
-res=WxHxDxF Startup resolution (W=width, H=height, D=color depth, F=Frequency), ex.: -res=800x600x32-80
-lang=  Specify language, ex:. -lang=English
-eend  Exit when movie is finished
-sdown  Shutdown when movie is finished
-stime=x Start movie at x seconds
-deskmode Start in desktop mode
-hide  Hide controls

(similar post:

Dany456 17th October 2012 03:08 PM

StartTime and EndTime for Playlist video
Apparently not work

"C:\Program Files\BSplayerPro\bsplayer.exe" "[D:]\[S01E01\Season 1]\[asd.bsl]" -stime=6500 -hide

"D:\S01E01\Season 1\S01E01.WS.PDTV.XviD.avi" -stime=6500

"C:\Program Files\BSplayerPro\bsplayer.exe" "[D:]\[S01E01\Season 1]\[asd.avi]" -stime=6500 -hide

All test in Shortcut Target: and Apply


MyMovieFile.avi or asd.bsl Playlist is .bsl format
Apparently not work

OS:Windows 7
BS.Player PRO 2.62

- Other ideas are welcome.
- StartTime and EndTime is a good idea at present
- Hopefully will appear in the next versions BS.Player PRO. StartTime and EndTime
- "already asked five years ago" So we have to wait 100 years to appear :confuse:
- I wish something useful for many. Avi file to Playlist and (For All users)

BSPeter 18th October 2012 12:33 PM

You shouldn't include the square brackets [ ] !!
Like I indicated quote "Of course instead of the [My....] etc fill in the appropriate data." unquote
So e.g. the command line should read:
"C:\Program Files\BSplayerPro\bsplayer.exe" "D:\S01E01\Season 1\asd.avi" -stime=120 -hide
Further note that 6500 seconds as chosen by you is a totally unrealistic value for this parameter!!!!! (1 hour and 48 minutes)
Maybe try again, but now without the square brackets and with a realistic value, so that you can see it does work!

Dany456 18th October 2012 01:52 PM

"C:\Program Files\BSplayerPro\bsplayer.exe" "D:\S01E01\Season 1\asd.avi" -stime=300 -hide

-stime=300 not work
-hide only work

Apparently not work

Anyway thanks for the help at least I know where to put
-stime=300 -hide
I did not know where they came put. Thanks

BSPeter 18th October 2012 02:55 PM

Fully works for me (using version/build under XP SP2)!

BSPeter 18th October 2012 03:27 PM

Also tested and fully working on a laptop under Vista Home Basic SP2
(BS.Player Free installed with all default settings and its preferred internal codecs.)
Will test further.
(P.S.: For working with playlist files better read the other thread:

BSPeter 18th October 2012 09:25 PM

Tested on my wife's laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bits OS) and it worked flawlessly!
(This also concerns BS.Player Free installed with its default settings and codecs/filters)
So I'm starting to think you made an error somewhere or the codecs/filters used on your PC are playing a trick on you?
Did you also install BS.Player with all its default settings and at installation did you allow BS.Player to internally install its preferred codecs/filters?
What filters/codecs does your BS.Player use for playback of the file(s) you used to test?
(To find out load the file and then rightclick > Options > Filters > Advanced.
Then click on "source" and on the small +signs in front of the codecs/filters shown to get further info and access.)

Dany456 22nd October 2012 01:56 AM

I did. :happyroll:

But if you make 72 episodes as StartTime and EndTime for each.
Shortcuts are a lot.

What you showed. I think it's for first episode.
Could you do example: StartTime and EndTime for five episodes.

-stime=300 -etime=900

I would be easier if it all the settings in .bsl file

Something like that. :angel:

Merlin.2008.S01E01.WS.PDTV.XviD-RiVER.avi -stime=124 -etime=2433
Merlin.2008.S01E02.WS.PDTV.XviD-AFFiNiTY.avi -stime=134 -etime=2444
Merlin.2008.S01E03.WS.PDTV.XviD-RiVER.avi -stime=154 -etime=2445
Merlin.2008.S01E04.WS.PDTV.XviD-RiVER.avi -stime=144 -etime=2465
Merlin.2008.S01E05.WS.PDTV.XviD-BiA.avi -stime=133 -etime=2477
Merlin.2008.S01E06.WS.PDTV.XviD-RiVER.avi -stime=88 -etime=2454
Merlin.2008.S01E07.WS.PDTV.XviD-RiVER.avi -stime=102 -etime=2422
Merlin.2008.S01E08.WS.PDTV.XviD-AFFiNiTY.avi -stime=300 -etime=2412
Merlin.2008.S01E09.WS.PDTV.XviD-RiVER.avi -stime=122 -etime=2432
Merlin.2008.S01E10.WS.PDTV.XviD-RiVER.avi -stime=138 -etime=2427
Merlin.2008.S01E11.WS.PDTV.XviD-AFFiNiTY.avi -stime=134 -etime=2436
Merlin.2008.S01E12.WS.PDTV.XviD-BiA.avi -stime=132 -etime=2414
Merlin.2008.S01E13.WS.PDTV.XviD-ORGANiC.avi -stime=122 -etime=2422

Something like that. :teeth:

BSPeter 22nd October 2012 10:50 PM

Seems that's more or less the same as the new feature requested by adicoto in the very first post of this thread (as contents of a bsl-file of course reflect contents of an actual playlist).
With respect to -etime you express this as movietime (in seconds from from the beginning of the file), whereas another possibility would be to express this as the number of seconds that playback should be terminated before reaching the total movietime of a video. Either method could do the trick and I think that any preference for one or the other depends on exactly how one intends to apply such new requested feature. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

adicoto 23rd October 2012 06:29 AM

It's no coincidence, as stated in my first post, after discussing with a friend....which is my countryman, Dany.

BSPeter 23rd October 2012 01:34 PM
(Your friend Dany asked "Can you show us an example how come placed in the file. -stime=x ????", so I answerred his question.)

Dany456 23rd October 2012 05:36 PM

You're right BSPeter. I really do not know. where does put "-stime=300".
And thank you for your help and also to support adicoto. :pizza::pizza:

I thought. if you can sustain my idea. Not remain forgotten like many other ideas. :thumbs_up:

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