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bond 21st December 2003 02:19 PM

@bst - HowTo make the Aspect-Ratio-Feat work with all files:
hi bst

i played around with your aspect ratio feature and found out that it only seems to work right with video streams that havent got the black borders cropped off (but still have the dvd par)

as most people crop off the borders when encoding the following small changes could be done to bsplayer to make it resize properly every (!) file:

lets say i have a pal (720x576) dvd source (ntsc would always be 720x480)
normally i would crop and encode it to 640x256 (non-anamorphic) but i want to use bsplayers aspect ratio feature and encode it as anamorphic 448x256 (with the same par as the dvd but cropped)

to calculate the correct resize ratio for a cropped image is easy:

for pal:

we know the not cropped image always has the following ar:
720/576 = 1.25 | always in pal 25fps

to calculate how big the height would have been if i didnt had cropped, we know the following:
input_width/not_cropped_height = 1.25

which means in our case:
not_cropped_height = 448/1.25 = 358.4

so in our case the not cropped picture would have been

if you now use this height value for the resize process (and not "256" of the cropped file) you will get the right aspect ratio with your ar feature for every file and not only for the not_cropped ones!
this calculation also of course doesnt hurt if someone tries to play a not_cropped one (ie 720x576 => as 720/1.25 = 576 again)

would be great if you could add this small calculation to bsplayer's aspect ratio feature

thanks :D

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