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cheapbastard 14th March 2004 11:46 PM

playlist location, size, ... memory
it would be nice if the playlist remember it's last location and (possibly) size. Right now if you shutdown bsplayer the playlist always shows up with the same height and width, in position 0,0.

The reason it sucks for me is i use the playlist all the time (i usually watch anime series with more often than not 26 eps).

The way my screen is laid out is BSPlayer locked just above the taskbar in the bottom left corner, the video locked in the top left corner, and the playlist (not-locked, cuz it won't) in the top right corner. Just thought it'd be nice if the playlist a) remembered its last position and size, and b) locked into position like the other two windows. Just like winamp :)

on a sidenote, i've had a playlist error (only once) where i had a file using a weird codec, anyway, the point is the codec name was too long (it was "AVI (mpeg1)" or something similar). When i double clicked the "Type" bar (to resize it so the column is big enough for all elements), it continually resized. Looked like it might be the scrollbar's aren't accounted for or something?

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