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J44xm 24th March 2004 01:06 AM

Getting the news of updates
Is the Announcements forum still being used? If you subscribe to this forum, and announcements are actually posted there, that's a great way to find out when a new version of BSPlayer is released. There's no mailing list for updates, is there?

private 25th March 2004 11:17 AM

It would be cool to have updates of how development is going :)

J44xm 29th April 2004 12:17 AM

Well, using ChangeDetection(.com) on the News page works well for me. Still, a mailing list for something would be better.

BSPeter 30th April 2004 12:47 AM

Have a look at the download page

J44xm 30th April 2004 01:44 AM

Er, sorry if I'm missing something, but I see nothing relevant there ...

BSPeter 30th April 2004 09:26 AM

Sorry, I was not explicit enough.
You should initiate and follow download process which will lead you to this page

J44xm 30th April 2004 07:19 PM

Ah, there we go! Thanks.

J44xm 30th April 2004 07:44 PM

What in the world is this sign-up process to download BSP?! This isn't permanent, I hope. It will turn off many.

BSPeter 1st May 2004 10:52 AM

I fail to see your problem.
You need to do it only once and it is necessary to be able to inform users on upgrades/updates.
E.g.: Users which have signed-up and requested to be informed as indicated hereabove (like me) have been informed by email that an updated build 808 was meanwhile made available.

30.04.2004 Update
- Fixed broken shortcut for skins
- Some fixes for systems with large fonts
- Fixed bug in 'Jump to time' dialog, movie length was displayed twice
- Subtitle position wasn't always remebered, fixed
- Fixed another problem with audio streams in OGM files
- Fixed some bugs with loading subtitles, sometimes wrong subtitle was loaded

J44xm 1st May 2004 02:35 PM

Well, I can understand your logic, and I certainly respect your decision. But I know that a number in the freeware community (admittedly, perhaps the most radical) are averse to registrations. It just concerns me that BSP might lose converts, because if I hadn't already used BSP and liked it, I might very well have left as soon as I saw the registration.

For my part, I'm uncertain why a simple mailing list with an enter-your-address-here wouldn't work. I'm not really expecting you to explain why, as I'm sure there's a reason. Just a pondering of mine.


BSPeter 1st May 2004 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by J44xm
Well, I can understand your logic, and I certainly respect your decision.

Note I'm only a user, just like you (as indicated in my post here above) so it isn't my decision, but I can imagine why bst has arranged it this way. On the other hand, I can indeed also imagine that some people could be "scared off" when they are requested to register. I'm sure that bst has also considered this (and will continue to do so).

yop83 10th May 2004 04:42 AM

I feel I need to add my two cents on this...
I completely agree with J44xm: the download process is way too complicated and long to be justified by what bsPlayer is worth...

Don't get me wrong, I've been the biggest fan of bsPlayer since version 0.86 and maybe even earlier! But I really feel it's inappropriate for a FREEWARE (at least for non commercial usage) video player to require a complete registration process...

In fact, I challenge you to find another free video player that FORCES you to register (Come on, even quicktime and Real player don't force you to!!!) !!

I know it's a decision made by bst, and I'm sure he had valid reasoning to justify the whole registration process, but I truly feel it's OVERKILL!!!

A valid reason to require a registration would be if you're offering a shareware/trial software and you want to limit access so it's not as easy for people to download the soft and find a keygen/crack for it. Or it might also be valid if you want to collect information on your customers: their country, their preferences and any other commercially valuable information...

In the case of a free software, there's no point! In fact, registration might have an inverse effect: scaring people away (as someone pointed out earlier in the thread)!

Anyway, that's my opinion...

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