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unionjacker 3rd August 2004 08:43 AM

Audio Video Synch warning.
BS player definitely has an audio synch problem with xvid files when playing them from the playlist.

Windows media player plays all movie files flawlessly. But I would like to use BS from now on solely because of the subtitles option.

If I load one file at a time with Subs, it plays okay. But if an xvid movie is split in two, when BSP loads the second part it gets out of synch.

BSP should be aware there's a synch problem and display a message and possible solutions.

There's nothing wrong with the file. It's in synch. So the problem lies with BSPLAYER.

I am all up to date with codecs, ac3 filters, fddshow, and the latest xvid codec. I have also gone into fddshow and changed it's codec so that it uses the xvid1 codec. This little fix stopped BSP from crashing and becoming unstable to the point of having to reinstall and reboot.

But I still have the synch problem. If media player can play the file flawlesly, then so should BSP. What's the fix for this?

BSPeter 6th August 2004 06:02 PM

In the past I've seen a post where a user had audio/video sync problems which were caused by Norton A/V autoprotect.
Are you using Norton A/V by any chance? (I am)
If so: could you try what happens if you (temporarily) switch it off.
If you have a constant (open) connection to the internet perhaps disconnect it or block traffic by your firewall.

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