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Seldon 20th November 2002 08:19 PM

OGM and external audio
When I try to open an external audio file to an ogm, I get the following error:
BSPlayer v0.85.492, Unhandled exception at EIP: 004116DA
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
List index out of bounds (1)
, 0x004B362F, 0x004B38A9, 0x004520BF, 0x0044972A, 0x77E11D0A, 0x77E11BC8, 0x77E172B4, 0x004C48B7, 0x77E9CA90
Bytes at EIP: 8B 43 04 8B 04 B0 5E 5B C3 90 8B 50 0C 83 FA 40 7E 0E

I use
BSPlayer v0.85.492
Ogg Directshow Filter v0.9.9.5


bst 20th November 2002 10:58 PM

OGM and external audio
External audio files with ogm files are not currently supported as it seems OGG splitter can't disable all streams.
One option is to mute all other streams. I'll look into this.

Seldon 27th November 2002 04:30 PM

Thanks in advance

I tried it with graphedit and I can play ogm with external audio with the following method (maybe help):
1. render media file with ogm
2. delete default directsound device
3. render media file with external audio
4. play the graph

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