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tihovsky 23rd August 2004 12:07 PM


New features that would be cool:
- automatically load subtitles also for automatically loaded second movie part (filename case insensitive and maybe some other advanced feature like automatically load only existing .srt in movie directory, or if 2 try to match them with movie part)
- enqueue should work as for example in Winamp and
1. not leave movies in start, documents folder
2. not to freeze your pc when enqueues selected files
3. not to raise errors when 50 or so movies are selected
4. preserve selection order when adding to playlist
- minimise should minimise play window ;-)
- options, general, seconds to jump should work when I press right/left arrows, and not only skip 1 second
- volume up/down number of steps should be greater or configurable
- volume OSD should be gauge instead of % or configurable
- OSD alpha blending would be nice for other than VMR-9
- OSD font should size should be (configurrably) automatically resizable depending on the resolution or selected/movie size
- help would be nice especially for playlist aspect/panscan/fullscreen options in coordination with preferances, general, at start switch to, for full screen mode switch to, remember last movie settings, preferences, video - allways start in full screen mode, remember pan-scan settings, remember zoom, remember movie window size, don't resize in full screen.
What is remembered, when, which option overrides, what is saved, resized and whatever...

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