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Garet_Jax 15th September 2004 10:44 AM

hotkeys - error and feature
there are 4 keys called:
Free resize down (in full screen)
Free resize left (in full screen)
Free resize right (in full screen)
Free resize up (in full screen)
but those key can only enlarge screen in stated directions. Because of that I have two suggestions:
One is to rename those keys to Free enlarge X (in full screen)
The other is to make another four keys to shrink screen in full screen mode... not that I use any of it anyway, but I can imagine that if someone does, then he would also need something to shrink it (of course he can make whole screen smaller).

and don't say to use Windows minimize ! >_<

The feature is:
New key, called minimize movie.

It would have a default key Alt+M (Ctrl+M is already used by mute).

To explain how it would work lets define some things first:
let control window be the window that you use to pause and play movie
let movie window be the window that you see movie in or desktop when in desktop mode

When pressed, it would work like this:
IF movie window is not minimized then, if control window is already minimized to tray, it minimizes movie window to tray; or otherwise - minimizes both windows to taskbar (dunno... maybe better idea would be to always minimize to tray?).
In both situations movie window would be minimized along with control window, so when you clik on it, both restore.
Also (important!) in both situations movie would pause! (if someone don't like it, maybe make a checkbox - pause when minimize?)

ELSE restore both windows to state they were before and unpause.

Works the same in all movie modes (though full screen with resized resolution might be a problem).

Why it is a cool feature?
Lets imagine that, for some wicked reason, someone want/need/have to pause and hide movie window very fast (e.g. watching porn -> mum comes in, watching a very secret movie --> phone rings faaar away so one have to leave comp unatended and run to answer, watching a stupid cartoon --> little niece comes in and one want to avoid watching it with her). If one don't have that feature, one have to do loooooads of thinks to achieve same effect (even two clicks can be loads sometimes, for example when user is lazy).

So, please make this feature available.

BTW: did you know that tray is a flat object, usually with raised edges, used for carrying food and drinks? :lol:

bst 15th September 2004 11:20 AM

Minimize button will be added in next build, as for your second suggestion there is already similar feature, check 'Boss' button, you can also choose what happens when this button is pressed (pause/stop movie, minimize, close player..)

Garet_Jax 15th September 2004 11:46 AM

Hey, you're right!
I forgot you added it in yesterdays built :oops:


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