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provolino 26th October 2004 12:13 PM

NEXT VER SUGGESTION: Better playing for incomplete avi files
in the 1.02, bsplayer plays incomplete avi files but it's very slow and sometimes it needs to read all the file before starting to play... seeking also is very slow
Is it possible to integrate better playing engine like AviPreview (the best for incomplete avi IMHO)?
Whit the same file AP works like a charm, playing is immediate and seeking is very fast too...
In addiction you can play the file while you're downloading it....

Just a suggestion.

Dennis_Olof 26th October 2004 03:36 PM

How about this

Every player has problems with incomplet files.

However the best way to pre-view a avi file or say if you download 30mb of a avi file, just pause or cancel the download, copy the file, resume donwload they use DivX Fix or something like that, they you can pre-view the file.

It's becaus the program need to rebuild the index of the file, that is why searching and skipping etc is extremly slow if the file is not correct or incomplet.

I think there are other programs out there.

I would rather not see this function in bsplayer since it is a good thing so that when playback is slow, you can suspect the file is damaged (even though I doo check all my files that I download anyway)

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