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mixer 29th November 2002 01:07 AM

Time-slide feature request for audio-stream and subtitles.
Hi dear developers. I won't tell you how good BSPlayer is, you know it anyway. :roll: So directly to the point...

Sometimes I watch movies that have different size than subtitles I have at that moment. Sometimes I have movie in one format and different audio-file from another format(territory). Sometimes I have cuted version of movie sometimes movie-file is just in that crappy condition that sound and image are desynchronized etc etc... Well, I think you got my point. :)

My request is pretty obvious - it would be cool and convenient to have feature that would allow me to play with subtitles and audio-stream times. So that I could play sound like 0.75 s later/sooner than it is supposed to play, or to display subtitles a few second sooner than video-image etc...

I am not asking for any big feature - no real-time slowing/making faster is needed and there is no need for global interface or whatever. Just simple window with possibility to choose time-difference between video-image&sound and video&subtitles. And of course to be able to display them before or after video...

It would be really nice feature and REALLY wanted one I dream of every day and night... :)

P.S. My english isn't good enough for full understanding. Sorry. :( I hope even somebody understood me. Yep, I am optimist! :twisted:

trodas 3rd December 2002 12:11 PM

Use util, that can allow you to move the subtitles in time - eg. add/remove some of their times - i using for framerate/format conversion util SubAdjust v1.56 and for the moving subs in time own util done by my brother. Want it?

There is no point of adding usedless features to BSplay, when the subtitles is bad :wink: :? 8)

The solution is - fix them!!!
(its easy, at least as logn, as you use the MicroDVD format, thats a good one to edit/fix... other we dont support at all)

...if you are intresed, we can convert the czech language to english easily... :wink: But the middle option is what are you looking for - an movign the subtitles in time - you can enter - or + value in FRAMES (i hate seconds, i work with frames)

kaktus 4th December 2002 01:12 PM

Just for the subtitle part:

It's an already build-in feature to delay the subtitles. Use Shift-Left/Right or Ctrl-Left/Right.

If you use VobSub to the display the usual subtitle formats, you can change delay and framerate in the config dialog. VobSub also installs a little resync tool.

I agree with trodas: Fix the subtitles! But sometimes it's easier to adjust the sync manually every 5 minutes than repairing the subtitles.

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