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Farlight 24th April 2006 05:52 PM

Hide main video window

I have an option suggestion; to hide the movie window, might sound strange but if you have a tv and use that to view the video on you don't really need the movie window on the pc, I know you can just move it out of sight or re size it to minimum but it's a better way if you could minimize the "hole program" to task as well as the option to minimize only the main window.

Keep up the good work, I still use BSPlayer though the ads are getting on my nerves lol

Tizio 24th April 2006 06:39 PM

If you wanto to minimize also the Movie Window you can simply press the WINDOWS_BUTTON+M on your keyboard, or simply click on the BSplayer button on the Windows taskbar, so that the application is minimized :wink:

BSPeter 24th April 2006 07:42 PM
But I don't think that's what you mean.
I think you want to display the movie on TV and use PC-screen for something else? If so: what video-card do you have?
(e.g.: )

Farlight 25th April 2006 10:03 AM

Yeah BSPeter is right, I was thinking just that, using the desktop while playing a movie. I use NVIDIA 6800 and in the settings for it I have made it to play full screen on the second monitor (tv) similiar like in that link you gave :) and yeeee....I didn't remember you could just re-click the program (lol :oops: ) but will it still work? Might minimize on the second out put too ya know, have to try that at home :mrgreen: . Would be cool if you could minimize all to TRAY? Or an option to tray the hole program or only main window in preferences.


Kinda cool though imo expensive, but if you use bluetooth alot it works great as a remote for all kind of programs (inc BSPlayer). Maybe buy out there licence and include this directly in to BSPlayer? :P All you need then is a bluetooth bong and a phone that would be bitchen, yeah dream on lol :D

adicoto 25th April 2006 10:22 AM

If you use extended desktop mode (does nvidia have it ?)you can move the movie window to the TV set. Then, your desktop have only BSPlayer's main window. If you want, you can minimize it or leave it like that and open any other aplication you want. Clone mode I think leaves a movie window on the display too.

Farlight 25th April 2006 10:58 AM

Yeah I know you can move the BSPlayer window to the TV set but I don't need/want that, I have an option that "auto-zoom" the direct draw window to fit nicely to the tv screen (don't even need to change videorendering) in the graphic card options kind works similar to pan-scan.

I still have the BSPlayer on my regular monitor with everything there, just that if I want to use my computer and the girlfriend want to watch a movie it's annoying (besides the ads lmao, I mostly use 1.37 though :)). Ok other question can you make a task bar if you"Dual-View" (yes nvidia has that too) on the second desktop? All I get is my wallpaper.

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