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tupac7 9th October 2006 11:23 PM

buggy shuffle funct. pls fix

the bsplayer shuffle doesnt work right. you can go to the next video, using shuffle, but you cannot go back to the video you had before in shuffle. instead if you go back, bsplayer shuffles again and plays another random file
this function does work properly in winamp, windows media player and all other standard media player.
could you fix this dear programmer?


Tizio 9th October 2006 11:36 PM

Wow, really long time since last post :shock:
Anyway I'll add your request to the maxi post :wink:

BSPeter 10th October 2006 01:07 AM

I rememberred same request by Anthony2816 2,5 years ago

tupac7 10th October 2006 07:30 AM

Oh well, so this bug is known for 2.5years and still no fix. thats really bad of the programmer
and the randomize funct. is no replacement for a working shuffle :!:

i hope you will fix it some day.....


tupac7 10th October 2006 07:45 AM


Originally Posted by Tizio
Wow, really long time since last post :shock:
Anyway I'll add your request to the maxi post :wink:

lol, yea. i wonder how i remembered my login^^
anyway thanks for that, i hope the programmer reads it someday. bsplayer has so much potential, but i dunno i feel like the programmer doesnt care. is he active in this forum at all?

btw it may sounds strange, but i helped bsplayer to get spread. some years ago i emailed the download section boss of (famous german website)
The old skin screeenshot is still published on the bsplayer download site and since then i watched carefully how since then the downloads of bsplayer has risen and risen.

Tizio 10th October 2006 12:22 PM

Yes, they read the forum sometimes, and now that Ico-man (new BSplayer team member) has been hired also with the purpose to oversee the forum, I think they will be more updated on the forum side :wink:

Ico-man 10th October 2006 01:34 PM

Tupac7: Media and Playlist are scheduled for some serious programming make-over, including bug you reported, in upcoming weeks.

Also Tizio is providing great help for Webteh team compiling and veryfing bug reports found here:

and topic for reporting bugs:

The more bugs we are aware of, the more we can fix them.

tupac7 10th October 2006 03:21 PM

@Ico-man: Thats great news! I hope it will not take too long. that is next to the forced install (nochoise) of adware the only reason why i use alternative media players.

btw: couldnt you make an installation, where you can choose between normal installation (installs whenu without askin)
and "expert" installation where you're asked if you want to do so.

tupac7 3rd November 2006 06:05 AM

alright, new version (2.12) after a long time and still no fix :(
the update policy of bsplayer is very bad sadly

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