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_Scythe_ 22nd January 2007 10:09 PM

incomplete and inproper joined files
I'd really like to use an universal player for video and bsplayer is almost what I'm looking for. The only feature I miss is to handle incomplete or inproperly joined files well. Many times I encounter small clips which was either created by an unexperienced user or by a weak joiner/splitter software. I know BS has some reindexing capability but it isn't working in most cases. My question is that is it somehow possible to adapt the method using by VirtualDub or to create something similar to it's indexbox reconstruction method? AVIpreview also has some good algorithm although not as good as VD's.
I've seen some subtitle with the extension of .ass ( :) ) Which as far as I know can handle color subtitles and "heavily" formatted text. Will BS able to play these kind of subs in the upcoming realeses?
And lastly I still use the old skin because it has a FULL SCREEN length seek bar BOTH on the top and bottom of the screen. I know it's not so important but could you please include these small features in the new skin as well?

(It's a bit off topic but I don't want to open a new topic for this single question. Why is that some .wmv files can't be opened by BS at all, some of them are opened, but you can only see some stripes through the screen in WMP shown correctly, though and I don't talk about DRM protected files. In some cases I'm not able to play those .wmv files with BS that I could earlier. I think it's related to windows update...)

Oh yeah, and one more thing. Will BS be able to handle divx 6 menus?

Thank You
Best Regards, _Scythe_

Would anybody please answer me within this year...?

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