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Marc 10th October 2007 09:26 AM

The video freezes for the first 2 seconds
The most convenient of BS for is the capability of setting the priority and the buffer level for playing videos stored in a network hard disk accessed by WIFI. The problem that I encounter is that videos scratch at the beginning – only at the beginning, what is good enough :wink: – but is a bit awful to watch the first two or three seconds as the video freezes while the music is playing. How could it be solved? Is there a way to keep the player displaying blank screen until the first part us already buffered or ready to be played?

Ico-man 10th October 2007 11:30 AM

Make sure you set networking "Buffer thread priority" below general "Process priority", so the playback process has higher priority then buffering process.

For example: use Above Normal priority for "Process priority" (playback)
Below Normal priority for "Buffer thread priority" (buffering)
to eliminate delay at the start of playback.

See also:

Marc 10th October 2007 12:07 PM

Thank You, Ico-man, I'll try those settings. It has sense; I set more priority to buffering and network access because I thought that playing files through WIFI would cause problems, but the fact is that I am using an old laptop, so lack of resources may be my real problem.

Ico-man 10th October 2007 01:24 PM

Buffering and playback priority
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Less priority to buffering
"Buffer thread priority" Lower priority

and more priority to playback (old notebook)
"Process priority" High priority

Marc 11th October 2007 01:52 PM

That worked great for a while, but then it begun again with the first two seconds freezing. I guess I just have to find the good balance with both settings.

Could you recommend me other settings I should fix in order to achieve an optimal performance? I mean the "lightest" and less resources consumming. As I posted before, the laptop I use as jukebox is an old Inspiron, PIII. Which render should I use for best performance?

Ico-man 23rd October 2007 09:33 AM

less resource consuming BS.Player configuration
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1) Use YV12 format (do not check "Disable YV12 format")

2) Use video renderer that uses overlay (less resource consuming):

Internal renderer overlay or Overlay mixer.

3) You might try disabling "Wait for vertical blank", but this might create tearing effect. And this option only works with Internal renderer DirectDraw surface.

If that doesn't work, the hardware is just to slow for the media file played.

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