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Spit 23rd October 2007 03:54 AM

Play RAR files compressed with version +2.9
Very nice player that can play RAR files but cant play files compressed with version 2.9 and higher.
Would be great to have this feature :)
And to avoid future updates of that compressor would be great use the external library (unrar.dll) instead something buildin.


Ico-man 30th October 2007 03:37 PM

Dear BS.Player user,
the idea is not bad and we have been thinking about it for a while now.
We will research the feasibility of implementation.
Thank you.

zykx 31st October 2007 05:42 AM

as far as i know access to rars with unrar.dll is linear, therefore the whole video would have to be unrarred before it could be played (before you can access the avi index)
which would of course make it a lot slower than the current implementation, and not suitable for the primary method of accessing videos inside rar files

J7N 31st October 2007 12:53 PM

The amount that needs to be decoded before you can access the needed data is determined by the archive format, not access method. Compressed files always must be decoded from beginning in non-solid archives. From solid archives decoding must start from beginning of the archive.

What is the aplication of RAR archives while working with video?

adicoto 31st October 2007 05:03 PM

torrent files > :wink:

zykx 2nd November 2007 03:53 AM

When rarring videos, it is common practise that the rars do not use compression (store-mode), which of course means that it is possible to skip to the end (to read the avi index), and i've been told that it's not possible with unrar.dll

and in case you're wondering

the rars exist just to split the video into smaller files, so that they can be transfered over non-error-correctable systems, and avoid corrupting the whole thing, if a transfer error corrupts one rar, just retransfer that one

torrents do hash error corrections, so this doesn't really have anything to do with torrents

J7N 2nd November 2007 05:58 AM

I see. The scene usually employs not only compression in their releases but also a recovery record.

adicoto 2nd November 2007 12:45 PM

No compression, just splitting.

zykx 2nd November 2007 03:53 PM

yeah, not for video they don't. it wouldn't compress anyways.

Spit 9th December 2007 12:52 AM

zykx said

as far as i know access to rars with unrar.dll is linear
No. You use that DLL just to read the index in the same way they do now but buildin.
You are thinking in the way that mplayer does that is not the way should be.
btw, there is no point to use the unrar.dll and unpack the whole archive and play the tempary file. That would be like a stepback.Its great how is it now and would be even better if the developers adapt this player to the current compression and any future release of that packer.

J7N 9th December 2007 08:20 AM

I'm confused. If you imply that the scene never uses compresion, then what RAR3 methods you need support for?

I just Stored a few media files with Winrar 3.42 for testing. I created new style volume names and BSPlayer 2.14 opened them fine. Only matroska files didn't work, possibly because Haali.

adicoto 9th December 2007 08:37 AM

No need to, mkv files usually don't get rared. Never had any problems, there is I think 1 year already, playing scene files by opening the first volume directly with BSPlayer.

laser21 14th January 2008 06:15 PM

rared mkv files are already supported! I love BSplayer :)

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