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beholder4096 18th March 2008 12:03 AM

Display the content FIRST!!!
Again, a peculiar bug/feature request report. I am not sure where to file it, it's a bit of both.

This is a common mistake that authors of media players do: they display the skin/player window first and ONLY THEN they display the content user has chosen to play.

But as a user I am primarily interested in the content; I want to see my content FIRST, not AFTER everything else loads. I want to see the picture first and hear the sound, then you can display your control elements, load the skin, check for subtitles, display playlist, do whatever the f*** you want then. BUT I WANT THE CONTENT (=playwindow) TO BE THE FIRST THING I SEE!!!

This is an issue in BSplayer and also in GOMplayer. It of course applies only in the case when the user has chosen exactly the file he/she wants to play OR enabled the "remember last movie position" and "autoplay" options.

Guys, seriously. This will make an impression on user, because it saves time and it actually creates an illusion that the player is fast.

BSPeter 18th March 2008 12:41 AM

Doesn't seem a bugs report but a feature request, so moving this post to the correct forum.

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