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polymorpher 24th March 2008 04:20 AM

Requesting some decency ...
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Its a simple thing, you guys charge from 10 to 30 euros for a add-free BSplayer and you don't have the decency to compile 1 or 2 icons that don't look like a 3 year old made them?
Its not an issue of design here its an issue of "MAKE A GOD DAMN ICON" that doesn't have white pixel leftovers in it.
Thank god i have the free version.
Imagine giving money to people that have a skin gallery on their website but not enough attention to how their product appears on your screen in a way that you actually have to see it quite allot if do use the software ...

I've attached a screenshot to show you what i mean.
There you got a bunch of icon of software that either totally free or charge, either has a free version.

See any distinction?

J7N 26th March 2008 07:28 AM

I just tested Bull$hit 1.36 and Bull$hit 2.14 against a dark background. The icons of both software have alpha channel transparency on XP. Are you talking about the fact that normal 8-bit palette icons don't look good? I guess the icons should be compatible with older Win98 systems, perhaps using a strong black outline. But nobody cares about anything less than XP now. Many developers are looking into adding 50kB Vista icons. lol

If you are running Win2k/XP, perhaps you have somehow turned off / broken the alpha transparency?

polymorpher 26th March 2008 05:59 PM

Its a 16bit XP with all updates and goods.
And it doesnt take a genius to figure out that some people might actually have dark backgrounds on their machines.
And guess what some people might have reasons to stay at 16bit colors palletes. That doesn't mean it takes a inhuman effort to create 3 additional icons lol.

adicoto 26th March 2008 08:27 PM

32 bits XP
16 bits colour depth.

And yes, I am really curious, why to you use 16 bits colour under XP. I don't think it's a good reason to build some icons just for the reason that one user may use them.

krakjen 6th April 2008 08:51 AM

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Windows XP 32bits here.
Enjoy your crappy color depth...

J7N 6th April 2008 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by adicoto
And yes, I am really curious, why to you use 16 bits colour under XP.

It makes even less sense considering that we're discussing a video player.

I think it was not apropriate to speak about these icons in such tone. But the request as such is completely valid. It is common for Windows icons to include multiple images for different resolutions and color depths. There is not much work involved here. Just draw a pronounced gray circle around it.

Melloware 13th June 2008 02:41 PM

What really blows my mind is that instead of just asking politely if they could support more color depths with the main icon the original poster decided to flame the BSPlayer community and trash their work. I just don't understand some people and how they think. I mean would it have killed him to ask nicely? Even if the author is charging work for his application he might not be a graphic artist and spends more time making quality code than playing around in Photoshop.

Some users will never learn you "catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar".

adicoto 13th June 2008 03:42 PM

Probably he's coming from Texas, where you first shoot then ask. :lol:

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