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meegosh 22nd February 2009 04:55 AM

How to control the file size of "capture frame"?
i have bs player pro and really like it.
i go to "capture frame" under "options" with no problem, and it saves the frame.
my problem is, the saved frames vary in size a lot, sometimes even when playing from the same video file, the size of the capture differs.
what i want to be able to do is capture "what you see", the full screen image so that when i view it in windows picture and fax viewer it fills up the whole screen rather than going back to a smaller resolution.
when i use "shift+P" it doesn't change what is captured.
i just want to be able to uniformly capture everything so that it is the same file size, and fills the screen, like wallpaper size.
thank you,

BSPeter 23rd February 2009 08:41 PM

This feature isn't implemented yet I think.
Therefore moving this thread to "Feature Requests, Feedback and Suggestions"-forum.

adicoto 23rd February 2009 08:52 PM

Option to capture "what you see" it's again under developpement as it was :bug::bug::bug:, IIRC.

BSPeter 24th February 2009 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by adicoto (Beitrag 36183)
Option to capture "what you see" it's again under developpement as it was :bug::bug::bug:, IIRC.

I personally no longer think this to be :bug::bug::bug:. IMHO this has been a non existing (but nevertheless consistently claimed) feature for years already. I think the last time I've seen this feature working is when we were still way in the pre 1.0 versions. Actually in a post in this thread I gave some links to posts dating back to February 2003 and gave as my personal opinion "that it needs to either be finally solved or be deleted from present BS.Player's feature-list."

BSPeter 24th February 2009 06:50 PM

I meanwhile did some tests with several versions of BS.Player (0.86.501, 1.37.826 and 2.35.985) and I must say: I stand corrected!! :embarassed:
However, whether this feature works or not depends on the Video rendering mode as chosen by the user (and most probably also on the Graphics card used). E.g. if I select "Internal renderer DirectDraw surface" in 2.35.985: it works, but if I select "Internal renderer overlay (default)" it doesn't. (Similar for the older versions).
So meegosh could you try if choosing a different rendering mode does the trick for you?

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