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perdoono 23rd February 2010 06:46 PM

problem with brightness, contrast, ... control
Hi, please help me...

1.PROBLEM (not solved):

I try different versions of FFDSHOW codec-packs (I try K-Lite CodecPack as alternative too). I try unistall codec-pack + I try uninstall program, with restart WindowsXP and installing it again. I have problem with brightness, contrast, etc. ... control from SKIN ('RGB' button on SKIN). On my previous VGA MSI NVidia 7600GT was all right. Brightness BAR in 'RGB' window settings is possible to do move, but without effect. I try other SKINs too.

BSPlayer 2.50 / 2.51 (I try both of them)
used SKINs: "NightRider_1024" and "Simppcomp" and some others


(Sapphire) ATI HD5770 1GB DDR5 [NewEdition] (PCIe)
I'm using latest drivers -> Catalyst 10.2 (I try ver. 10.1 too)

- brightness (FFDSHOW) is possible to do change, but only by pressing HOME / END keys on keyboard, but it is not solving for me
- by BSPlayer configuration -> HOME / END keys are assigned to HW (hardware) brightness control - it's fully functional... SW (software) control is not functional ? but 'RGB'-button on my SKIN is characterized as "HW controls" too

- it's maybe a unknown BUG by using ATI VGA ?!

2.PROBLEM (solved):

during video watching, when I press keyboard shortcut CTRL+P, program is crashing by opening BSPlayer config window and then SKIN window & video window are permanently freeze (playing video is now stopped/frozen, but audio is hearable)

...but configuration window is possible to do edit

///EDIT 2:
- problem with BSplayer crashing is only by playing AVI files (after CTRL+P keyboard shortcut pressing), not problem during play WMV, MP4 or other files ! LoL

///EDIT 3:
- PROBLEM 2 - SOLVED ! I did this:
1. uninstall BSPlayer (through: control panel -> add & remove applications)
2. delete all folders of BSPlayer:
"C:\Program Files\Webteh\BSPlayer"
"C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Data aplikací\BSplayer"
3. install new updated DirectX (ver.9c ; feb-2010 ; on win xp)
4. install BSPlayer again


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