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djboss 14th March 2010 07:51 PM

external audio loading fails / autoloading external audio: cannot switch audio

I'm using v2.51. (build 1022, 26-12-2009)

I've installed ac3filter v1.63b, that source filter you mentioned in another topic (

I want to load an external standalone ac3 file while an mkv (video: x264, audio: internal DTS) already opened.

If I named the ac3 file the same like the mkv file, an AC3 Parser filter was loaded but still no extra stream to choose.

(I added .dts and .ac3 to BSPlayer's file extensions as audio types.)

And when I added (registered) that source filter, this new ac3 is being loaded now, and played, but I CAN'T SWITCH back to the internal! The external file doesn't appear in the audio selecting submenu, hence it's being played. And there's no way to make the player play the internal audio any more...

(If I unregister, no ac3/dts audio (not even internal) is loaded and played at all. Somehow AC3 Parser is forgotten, too.)

If I try to load using the menu (load external...), the program will crash.

It was just an example, I may try any type of mkvs it still crashes...

Other codecs/filters installed:
- CoreAVC v2.0 for x264 (using CUDA)
- Haali media Splitter 1.9.355.21
- Xvid-1.1.3-28062007 _Final Release_
- DirectVobSub 2.39 [2009-06-24]
An ffdshow rev3305 was installed; and later uninstalled.

Please, tell me, why is it crashing?

I'd be happy to be able to play external audio files from anywhere, with any filename.

adicoto 14th March 2010 08:15 PM

IIRC this is still a bug. Also mentined here:

djboss 15th March 2010 02:55 PM

Now I see, thanks!

I didn't think it's a bug, I thought, I did sg wrong...

And the other issue, about the switching anomaly? :)

Thx in advance!

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