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TrovaoAzul 12th March 2003 12:27 AM

DVD Menu
I want to know if is possible make in bsplayer one menu as we have in DVD's. If it is possible, how can I make it?
Thank you.

scotty81 13th March 2003 09:51 AM

a dvd menus
I don't think you can create a divx menu running under bsplayer.
but there are some softwares not to bad for menu. I've tried Quick Menu Builder ( search in ) . it's not to bad and free. but it's not a dvd menu.

LordIntruder 14th March 2003 01:32 AM

The only way to create DVD menus for your divx is to use another player: MicroDVD 1.2. But be advised that ini files are much, much much complicated to create that BSPlayer ones. BSplayer ini files are a piece of cake. ;)

You have to read the whole documentation, to try by yourself. It's hard but at the end it's so great!! :) However be advised that if you intend to make Bivx (2 audio streams in the avi), MicroDVD doesn't support it. You have to let a stream outside the avi. Also MicroDVD is not longer updated since may 2002 and if you intend to let it play ogm with subtitles: it won't. Latest formats are not supported very well.

Sonickydon 14th March 2003 05:37 PM

1 Attachment(s)
if you want to create a "dvd like" menu there is an option but you have to cheat.. :)You can make an autorun menu that launches bsplayer with the options you want.. There's a lot of bsplayer oriented launchers for that job but if you want to make a *real* good looking menu with (almost) all the functions you can have in a dvd menu you'd better use a skinable autolauncher + bsi files
It 's not the easiest way perhaps but you can make some pretty impresive menus . look at the attachment for an example (nevermind the poor quality of the graphics ) :wink:
Oh and btw, the image in the attachment is from a menu i've created for a french movie..should i call it a "freedom" movie instead? :twisted:

LordIntruder 16th March 2003 07:11 PM

I wonder with what program you do your dvd menu and if they reproduce exactly what you have on the real DVD?

I mean if you have two audio stream and 6 subtitles available with your Divx/xvid rip, 99% of autorun programs doesn't allow to choose between differents choices. To take the same example, you have to create 2 x 6 = 12 buttons to reproduce all the situations (first audio stream with first subtitle, first audio stream with second subtitle, etc...), it makes non sense.

The only one I know is located here but the site is down. With that program you select your audio stream, you select the subtitle you want, you press launch and BSplayer start. Unfortunately it doesn't allow any dvd menu. You have to deal with the interface.

MicroDVD is the only one that allow to put both static image or movies menu (exactly as showed on your image).

If you know a similar autorun program I'll be very interested (and not only me). ;)

Movieman 19th March 2003 12:02 PM

AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0
AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0 rulez foreva! It's a bit tricky to use but when and if you master it you can do real things. But don't expect me to give you lessons on this program. Use your own brains just like I used mine. :)

P.S. this is the program to create autorun menus from which you can launch BSplayer with different preconfigured INI files.

Movieman 21st March 2003 12:05 PM

A couple of examples
2 Attachment(s)
A couple of examples to motivate you to use the APMS :)

Sonickydon 21st March 2003 11:35 PM

well i did tried that apms.. it is powerfull ok, but it is also quite tricky..i use autorun maestro instead, not that powerfull and loaded with flash etc but it does the trick anyway :) I guess there must be dozens of autoloaders out there so i can't tell which one is best to use.. i think that any skinable loader would do..
so far the only disadvantage of the one i use is that it doesn't work with jpg files so it can be pretty heavy if you use full screen images..apart from that it's way more simple than apms.
Actually the reason i post again on this topic is an idea..there's lot's of sites that have dvd-vcd covers, lots of sites with subs.. is there any site with menu's like that for movies? and if not, ( i presume there isn't any) why don't we agree on a minimal set of loaders or settings for images and upload at least the images so anyone could use them on their own projects?

Quietseb 22nd March 2003 02:10 AM


Originally Posted by Sonickydon
is there any site with menu's like that for movies?

You pointed out accurately that there must be dozens of menu makers/autolaunchers. Hence I doubt (as you do) that there is a global site for menus
However there is one for QuickMenuBuilder

I just remember this one by chance, I'm not really interested in menu makers/launchers myself (too lazy :P) and didn't lead an extensive search; but it could be that some other launchers have their preconfigured menus sets available...

Nevermind, your idea to centralise existing menus for a set of most-used menu makers/launchers is really insteresting IMHO

Movieman 22nd March 2003 02:26 AM

standard autorun menu
I once saw an autorun menu, nothing really fancy - it had a movie picture and play, exit and install codecs buttons and a brief info about the movie. The ini file contained names of the avi file, the image file, txt file with the movie info, paths and names for divx codec, no subs though. You could make such autorun menu, replace the movie and image files and change the ini file accordingly for different movies. But then all menus would have the same look, only the picture would be different.

In my case I make a new menu for every movie, especially because sometimes I can't find Russian subs, therefore some menus have Russian subs and some don't. And then there are movies that have editorial commentary as the 3rd audio track. So every movie has its unique menu - this of course takes a lot of time but the results are worth the time spent doing that.

TrovaoAzul 25th March 2003 11:42 PM

Menu DVD
I make the download of trial version of Auto Play Media Studio 4.0 but I don`t know how to configure the bsplayer with this program. Someone can help me?

bscd 10th April 2003 05:02 PM


BSCDmaker version 1.0.1:


THX DragonFighter :D

vitalis 23rd May 2004 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by bscd

Don't work :(

DragonFighter 23rd May 2004 08:19 PM

You can click here to go to bscd's download page. :wink:

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