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Rocks 15th April 2003 04:42 PM

Difficulties with XviD files
Hi all,

I'm having trouble reading an XviD (XviD-DVL if that means anything? :?: ) encoded file: I get the sound but not the picture... :o

BSPlayer tells me that the video is XviD, surface type: YUY2 DR-Overlay and audio is AC3...
I have Nimo Codec pack (with XviD codecs included) and XviD-04102002-1 _ALPHA_ Release installed...

Anyone has an idea why I have no picture? :?:

Thanks a lot :)

Quietseb 15th April 2003 06:45 PM

Rocks 15th April 2003 10:43 PM

Salut Seb :)

Thanks for the suggestion (worthy of an entry in the F.A.Q. I would say...) I've done what you suggested (at least, what you suggest in that post, since I don't use DivX5.02 decoder as suggested by xlv600, but I have the 5.02 codec included in the Nimo Pack...), no imporvements... :( Well, no, not quite, if I disable overlay and force rgb bsplayer does not recognise file format. If I use overlay 2 video area goes green with occasionally a bit of colour here and there... Otherwise it all remains black of the very darkest kind :( (especially my understanding of what might be happenning... :oops: )


Quietseb 15th April 2003 11:00 PM

I didn't tell at first, but I must say that I don't quite like codec packs... (and it seems many people have trouble with Nimo's ...)

about the greenish thing:
this problem seems to be specific to xvid
It's been talked about several times in this forum but I don't quite remember whether there was a "works anytime" solution proposed.
However I would suggest you updated the Xvid Codec.
for instance you can download Koepi's build

As an alternative you can use ffdshow which is a "universal" decoder for videos.
Some time ago I would have recommended using the last stable version but it's turning old (june 2002); latest alpha versions are trustworthy and have solved some problems I had with xvid files [and they propose some interesting new features over the old build]
ffdshow is definitely my preferred solution as a decoder


if I disable overlay and force rgb bsplayer does not recognise file format
I don't have an explanation but I know this happens from time to time


(worthy of an entry in the F.A.Q. I would say...)
I'd say too ;)

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