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muncken 12th May 2003 03:38 PM

Probs with colour subs.. please help!
well I have some probs with subs and my BSplayer.. I have vobsub installed, but on some movies the colour is yellow!! and it drives my insane.. for example the film "the Recruit.vite" has this problem.. is a problem that I have with thoose kind of subs where it for example says "bird singing" when there is a bird that sing... and "watter dripping".. when I try to change the colours this option is not avalible in the bsplayer.. any help?

Sonickydon 13th May 2003 12:57 AM

1) bsplayer doesn't need vobsub to be loaded in order to handle subtitle files

2)try to be more specific, you said that you have a problem with the colour but you forgot to mention which format you case you use either srt or sub format you don't need vobsub ( at least for the subviewer2 format which i use)

3) i have expirienced a problem once with the colours ,but in my case the subtitles were black and i couldn't see them at all :).normaly bsplayer's settings overide the sub file's colour definitions but i couldn't find the reason for that either. in your case however it might be because you are also using vobsub on the backround.

4) i'm not sure what you mean with your example and i don't want to be rude or a smartass but i think that you are using the subtitles for the deaf people -that's why it says "bird singing"etc :lol:

muncken 13th May 2003 01:23 PM

well okay, now when you say that I dont need vobsub installed, I have deleted it.. But now the subs arent even displayed at the film.. And yes, the different names of the files is the same.. :


so I open the avi. file = no subs displayed, then I try to load the subs, still no subs displayed...

as for the subs is for deaf people, I can only say that they are the ones that is with the film when you download it.. It is The.Recruit.DVDRip.XViD-ViTE that I have downloaded...

muncken 13th May 2003 01:26 PM

ohh yes, and I have ffdshow installed, if that makes a difference.. and forgot to mention that when I had vobsub the subs was also yellow when I watched the film in WMP..

LordIntruder 21st May 2003 03:08 AM

You subtitle are yellow because on the dvd the subtitles were yellow OR the fellow that ripped the film choose to put them in yellow.

Second if there is an idx file then you need vobsub. SRT or sub (microdvd) files can be open, it's a small text file and you can edit it, change the dialog if you want and those kind of files are under 100ko.

In your case you have a vobsub file (idx) and it must take some mega-bytes.

So install vobsub again, the latest version is 2.23.

Last but not least, you can change many thing you want: size, location, etc... When your movie is playing, click on the green arrow and then select "Direct Vobsub". However i'm not sure you can change the color when playing the movie, you maybe have to edit your subtitles, change the color, save the new subtitles.

kurtnoise 21st May 2003 05:40 PM

Of course you can change the color in DirectVobsub.....In the Main part, click on the police characters in Text Settings.....and change the color :wink:

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