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flcaza 14th July 2003 12:52 PM

problem !

i have a problem with stupid subtitle

some subtitle i view on my tv some not ! i use the latest bsplayer and codec

i want to view all subtitle on my tv but i can`t

this subtitle i view on my tv :

{1094}{1214}Bun? Dave, ?mi place tricoul t?u cu Dukes Of Hazzard
{1230}{1290}Mul?umesc Sarah, ?i mie ?mi place tricoul t?u cu Chips
{1322}{1359}Hei, vrei s? te distrezi ?
{1359}{1505}Da, dac? nu ar fi pe aici Shankmann ...

and this NOT :

00:02:28,681 --> 00:02:33,414
Rangers do not wait
for a bright, sunshiny day.

00:02:33,586 --> 00:02:39,684
Oh, no. Rangers are trained to operate
in the worst possible conditions...

00:02:39,859 --> 00:02:44,159
...and take said conditions
and turn them against their enemy.

Why i don`t view all subtitle ?

i think is for the font but is not. i convert to all font possible .

some idea ?

Thanks for your time !

adicoto 14th July 2003 07:52 PM

First of all. Do you have the latest bsplayer? Is 0.86 ver 500, under nightly builds on the download page. Older versions don't recognize the second subtitle type (subrip). Or convert to microdvd subtitle. More information, mail me (in romanian).

BSPeter 14th July 2003 09:39 PM


Originally Posted by adicoto
Older versions don't recognize the second subtitle type (subrip)

FYI: support for .srt subtitles has been there for ages: at least since version 0.6 (vs present version 0.86.500)

In fact I've hardly used another format. At least 95% of all my subtitles are in subrip format.


adicoto 14th July 2003 10:10 PM

So, BSPeter, what is you advice ?

flcaza 15th July 2003 06:48 AM

i e-mail you adicoto si mersi de ajutor :)

BSpeter i have the latest bsplayer. i convert subtitles, i change the font ai have all the thing but only some subtitles i have it on my tv. and i change it to srt, txt or else. i think is a bug into bspayer but i don`t know how to fix or else !

thanks for your time !

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