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15th September 2003 03:47 PM

Command line: adding files to the queue?

I'm having a problem here and hope you guys can help me.. i have the latest nightly build (501?)
I have a movie which consist out of 2 files.. CD1 and CD2.. and i use MyHTPC to start the movie..

I'm looking for a way to directly add the 2 movie files to the queue.. but i can't find the right command :(..

Currently I setup myHTPC so that the command line option is:

bplay "Z:\-=Movies=-\Movie-CD1.avi" "Z:\-=Movies=-\Movie-CD2.avi"

I have ALOT of movies.. and don't want to create playlists for each one of them :(

Can anyone please help?

Quietseb 15th September 2003 07:23 PM

you could try

bplay "Z:\-=Movies=-\Movie-CD1.avi" "Z:\-=Movies=-\Movie-CD2.avi" -ADD

bplay -ADD "Z:\-=Movies=-\Movie-CD1.avi" "Z:\-=Movies=-\Movie-CD2.avi"
I know -ADD is a valid argument but I can't remember if it must be before or after the filename
plus I don't know if it will work for 2 files...

BSPeter 15th September 2003 09:17 PM

I would say probably the first option in line with the "Enqueue" (shell extension) command.
Look at this (Quietseb's) earlier post:

Helza 16th September 2003 10:28 AM


I already found that last post when i searched the forums and tryed it.. first just by using the command line like:

bplay "Z:\-=Movies=-\Movie-CD1.avi" "Z:\-=Movies=-\Movie-CD2.avi" -ADD

like Quietseb suggested.. and later by changing the file type.. (directly in the registry, because using the explorer it doesn't work.. keeps complaining it can't find the file)

However i always get the same result.. it only enqueue's andp plays the first file.. the second is never shown or enqueued..

I can enqueue it by first opening them seperatly .. but not both at one time :(

Any other suggestions?

Quietseb 16th September 2003 01:19 PM

I don't know how MyHTPC works, but can't you have it read 2 command lines ?


bplay "Z:\-=Movies=-\Movie-CD1.avi" -ADD
bplay "Z:\-=Movies=-\Movie-CD2.avi" -ADD

Helza 16th September 2003 06:00 PM

If i just keep the movie as 2 seperate entry's yes.. but that would mean i have to change all 2 file movies to seperate files, having to start the movie .. then walk back to my computer to switch back to myhtpc to select the 2nd movie..

Any idea when bsplayer will support this? I don't want to switch to zoomplayer because i like bsplayer alot better.. :) But have to if i can't queue the files normally :(

Helza 18th September 2003 02:23 PM

Anyone ? :?:

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