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Keiso 15th September 2003 11:13 PM

Choppy video using overlay.

I've got a problem with divx playback, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me.

I'm currently using Radeon 9600 Pro with P4 2,4 and a 845 chipset (ASUS P4B-533E)

When I playback divx files with Overlay, I get choppy playback from time to time. When I turn off overlay, the video is perfectly smooth. But instead, I get these distortions over the image. These distortions only occur when using BSPlayer.

When I use Windows Media Player without Overlay, everything is perfect, except that I miss using BSPlayer and all its functions.

Does anyone know either how I can get rid of those choppy divx playback with Overlay, or getting rid of those distortions when I use BSPlayer without Overlay?

Or maybe a suggestion for another player that is similar to BSPlayer?

Thank you in advance m(_ _)m

BSPeter 16th September 2003 12:56 AM

You don't know what type of DivX movie it exactly is, do you?
How are your "Preferences" settings on tabs [DivX;-) 3.11] resp. [DivX], with respect to "CPU quality" resp. "Postprocessing level"? (Set both sliders to the far right).
(You might also wish to experiment with "film effect").
Alternatively you could also directly alter settings of the decoder codec/filter, by right-clicking on the movie window and then select "Properties" and subsequently the video decoder.
PS: Yet another setting you could possibly change is setting on the [General]-tab of "Preferences" i.e. "Process priority" (at bottom-left)

bond 16th September 2003 06:14 PM

any chance to enable "overlay mixer" in bsplayer?

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