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pepet 17th July 2002 09:11 PM

I have The Lord Of The R in 2 CDs. I also have collected subtitles for each part. All the subtitles are, therefore, divided in two parts (I got them so). I am using a ini file to load everything automatically. One for the first CD and another for the second. In both ini files I specify that subtitles should be off by default (DefaultSub=0).
The problem is that when the second half starts playing, the subtitles are active and showing, as if the hotkey S had been pressed.
They are mostly .sub subtitle format.

If I directly start with the ini file of the second half. Everything is right. Also when DefaultSub is set to a value other than 0 in BOTH ini files, everything works well (if DefaultSub=x in ini1 and DefaultSub=y in ini2, when the second half starts, default subtitle is x, which is not wanted).

Why all this?

techguru 3rd August 2002 04:25 PM

The name of the sub is probably same as the movie's filename, like this:
lotr_1.avi and lotr_1.sub as well as
lotr_2.avi and lotr_2.sub.

When the second part starts trough playlist (or ini?) it autodetects the sub and start it, even though the ini says otherwise. Try naming subs defferently? Like lotrsub.sub. Might do the trick, haven't tried this though. ;)

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