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major_kerensky 21st September 2003 09:52 PM

Play old Movies with Divx 3.11

I am having some problems with some old TNG-Releases and I would like to try to decode them with Divx 3.11. I remember that Bsplayer happened to have such an option but now I just see one for Divx 4, which was AFAIK rarely used. How can I play old movies with Divx 3.11 and Bsplayer ?

And another thing : The problem I am experiencing is some strange visual effect, it looks like the framerate is dropping for some seconds. Does anybody have any ideas what might cause this ? May this be because of a bad rip ?

Major Kerensky

BSPeter 21st September 2003 10:51 PM

Playing of DivX;-) 3.11 movies shouldn't be a problem. BSPlayer still has a Tab "DivX;-) 3.11" in "Options"/"Preferences"/"Video".
What you are referring to is probably the setting "Use DivX4 decoder for MP43, DIV3, DIV4" on this Tab.
In fact, though it reads "Use DivX 4 ...", you could (and should) now also read it as (e.g.) "Use DivX5.1 ..." (so the label is perhaps confusing).
Did you already try to play these movies? If you did and it didn't work to the full, please mention this in the forum. (Also have a look in Help to Help)

major_kerensky 21st September 2003 11:26 PM


> Playing of DivX;-) 3.11 movies shouldn't be a problem. BSPlayer still has a > Tab "DivX;-) 3.11" in "Options"/"Preferences"/"Video".

I just updated to the latest version and there is no such option under Preferences / Video - at least not with my PC which is using Win2kSp4. Divx 3.11 and 5.something are installed.

But just to get it right : Bsplayer always uses the 3.11 Codec for 3.11-Content if the Divx4-Option is NOT checked ?


BSPeter 21st September 2003 11:46 PM

You are right; I mentioned it incorrectly; it is not on "Video"-tab but it has it own tab (3 tabs to the right of "video"-tab).
Also note another setting which has to do with DivX;-). It is on the "General"-tab: "Don't load DivX;-) settings"
Have you tried to play your video files already?

squee 23rd September 2003 09:58 PM

Hi there,

if I'm not altogether wrong this isn't a problem of bsplayer but a general codec problem. DIVX 5 and above automatically sets its priority to play all divx content.

You can check quite easy which codec is used for playback by rightclicking the video window, selecting properties and then "divx deocoder" or something alike. If the window showing is the fancy looking DIVX 5.x window, the file is not played with the 3.11 codec. Another way to find out which codec (or more correctly direct show filter) is used is gspot. (just google for gspot)

Now, to come to the point, there is a workaround for the problem. Go
and here and then dl the divx fix here.

Hope I could help,


BSPeter 23rd September 2003 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by squee
just google for gspot

Or even easier: simply look in "Help to Help" hereunder, which has a direct link.

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