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PC 24th October 2003 01:50 PM

Problems playing DivX 5.1
Hi !

I've encoded a movie using the new DivX 5.1 Pro codec.
With DivX Player (the one coming with the codec) there are no problems playing the movie and jumping forward and backward works fine. But with BSPlayer the playback gets choppy after a while and jumping forward gets picture and sound out of synch.

Has anyone experienced things like this ? Isn't BSPlayer compatible with DivX 5.1 ?


9812713 28th October 2003 09:37 PM


I don't have a fix for you, infact, I'm going to add a problem. After encoding a file with Dr. Divx (a wizard based converter) and the conversion works 100%. I can open and run the file in Windows Media Player 6.4 ... However when UI run the same file in bsplayer (latest) all I ge tis green bars, there is no setting within bsplayer, that will get this to look normal.

I must admit that bsplayer is awesome program ... but if it can't play divx 5.1 encoded files..... I will have to switch to WMP again :(

Either case, your not the only one haveing problems PC,


shakey 4th November 2003 01:20 AM

Problems playin divx 5.1

I was having a similar problem with Divx 5.1, the video only showed the odd diagonal line.

After lots of playing with various codecs I found that the ffdshow codec solved this problem, and some other problems I had with xVid.

You can download ffdshow alpha from:

Hope it helps!

Maxwel 4th November 2003 03:20 PM

You shouldn't have any trouble playing DivX 5.x files with BSPlayer, unless you have a slow machine. In that case maybe you can adjust some of the decoder settings. My 1.2 GHz machine couldn't handle the full settings of 5.0.5.

PC 13th November 2003 10:19 AM

Use BSPlayer 1.00 !
Hi !

The brand new BSPlayer 1.00 seems be playing DivX 5.1 contents fine !
So give it a try.


Strange 14th November 2003 12:50 AM

I´m also having trouble with the DIVx5.05 decoder and BSplayer 1
I gotta use ffdshow to playback without jerkiness in the video.

loyalle 15th November 2003 05:15 PM

to Strange: must be your computer is not fast enough and bsplayer 1 is not helping to minimise jerkiness when watching your video and sound. DivX5.05 is rather slow and u should definitely look forward for DivX5.1.1 which is said to be 30-40% faster than DivX5.0+ versions. (there are new post-processing filters too for "better decoding quality". depends on preference of user, i myself do not use it all the time but keep on the lookout of its performance and progress.)

in the meantime use ffdshow if u can because it is faster and looks ok in decoding.

eli2k 19th November 2003 08:38 PM

Yes, keep the processing level inside the DivX codec low. Load up Task Manager in WinXP and it should show up in the system tray. If it hits 100% all the time I think you will need to lower the processing level. I noticed whenever my CPU reached 100% playback would become jerky and inconsistent.

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